Great Moments in Craft Beer History

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Never before has craft beer been more popular in the United States than today. It accounts for about 12% of the American beer market. If you love craft beer, grab your growler and check out this great list of great points in its history brought to the world by Vine Pair.

  • The government made Cascade hops available to the general public. These floral and a little bitter and citrusy hops are now one of the most popular varieties in the country. No matter what has been developed since then, these remain a staple and a classic.
  • The American Porter underwent a revival of sorts thanks to Anchor Brewing, also in 1972. This brewery got its start in the 1800s so its work to get Continue reading
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Beeswax Pastilles Facts and Information

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Beeswax has many uses, that most people aren’t even aware of. Many people associate bees with simply raw honey. Americans do consumer large amounts of honey, a little over one pound per person per year, bees must fly about 90,000 miles or three times around the world in order to produce that much honey. Honeybees can fly as fast as 15 miles per hour, however they will only produce about one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey during their entire life. Honey may be what bees are popular for, but that’s not all bees are good for. Beeswax is another fine thing that we get from honey bees, and beeswax pastilles are becoming more and more useful an Continue reading

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The 7 Benefits to Using Food Metal Detectors to Keep Food Safe

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If you are in the food production business, you know how important it is to inspect your products. Food safety is a big concern all over the planet. In the United Sates, more than 48 million people are made sick by food borne pathogens. That translates to one in six. More than 128,000 people are forces to go to the hospital and about three thousand die. Metal contaminants can also cause problems. Food metal detectors can be instrumental in finding these contaminants so you do not pass them along to your customers. They can detect several kinds of metal in food products. Those are stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous items.

If you currently use other eq Continue reading

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