The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Catering Company

Across the country, couples decide to get married and plan out their wedding each and every year. These couples work hard to put together the perfect wedding but they may need some help. Therefore, hiring a corporate catering company, an event catering service, or good caterers can really help. That way, the bride and groom can relax as food is served to their guests.

Weddings are sometimes themed and sometimes they are not. However, it is easier to plan a wedding with a theme when hiring a corporate catering company. The bride and groom can communicate their ideas to the workers and they can then execute the plans. For instance, weddings inspired by Great Gatsby parties are now held involving champagne cocktails, champagne towers, and tea sandwiches as well.

A Corporate Catering Company Creates Great Recipes and Menus

Across the United States, there are over 300,000 people working within the catering industry. This includes both men and women and vari Continue reading

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Wedding Menus Vary by Budgets and Reception Locations

Outside catering services

Two weekends. Two weddings.
Not since your college days have you had a schedule that included two weddings in the same month, but your your family was enjoying the celebrations. The first wedding of the summer was an opportunity to reconnect with family members and dance with cousins. The second wedding was a chance to introduce your two teenage daughters to your college friends and dance with a younger crowd.
At both weddings, your daughters focused on the dresses, the decorations, and the dance floor. Your husband, on the other hand, was into critiquing the event menus. In fact, he found it a challenge to try all seven flavors of the petite cupcakes at the family wedding. This cupcake critique, of course, took place after he had encouraged your daughters to be among the first in line for t Continue reading

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