Do You Know How to Recognize Authentic Mexican Food?

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Mexican food is considered to be the most popular international cuisine in this country. In 2011, for example, there were 38,000 Mexican restaurants throughout the United States. For every 10 restaurants currently in operation, there is at least 1 with this flavorful food on their menu.

It’s also important to point out that 71.8% of households in the United States use traditional Mexican ingredients to prepare and enhance their meals. Americans particularly love their salsa. Whether they place a scoop or 2 on their morning eggs, in their seafood tacos, or with a side of corn chips, this condiment has become even more popular than ketchup and mayonnaise. Furthermore, tortillas now rival hot dog buns in popularity, and have outsold this traditional American fare since 2010.

While burrito Continue reading

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Keep Your Eyes out for Signs You Have Never Had Real Mexican Food

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If you are someone who possesses a discerning palate, and is routinely trying out the best possible means to find the best food possible where you live, you are definitely not alone. Thousands of people find the pursuit of great cuisine exhilarating, and this pursuit can take them to exciting, rewarding places where great cuisine can be discovered and experienced. The country has also progressed quite a bit in the last few decades when it comes to discovering and appreciating new cuisine from all over the world, and it is this cuisine that is currently in demand in most areas in the country where culinary enthusiasts reside. If you are someone who enjoys food and finds it interesting to delve deep into the cuisines of neighboring countries, it is likely that you have already tried Mexican food, which has s Continue reading

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Looking for a New Mexican Restaurant? Be Sure It Has Authentic Flavors!

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Do you enjoy eating enchiladas? Even if this is one of your favorite items on the menu when you visit a Mexican restaurant, do you know the actual meaning of enchilada?

The first time this word was referenced in the United States was during 1885, and it means, “in chile.” Whether you like yours with chicken, cheese, beef, or fish, it wouldn’t be an enchilada without the chile sauce. When you want to know how to spot authentic Mexican food, it’s nice to know a bit of culinary history.

Is chicken, pork, or perhaps a seafood mole your favorite dish on the menu? If you also love to explore new palate-pleasing flavors, there are actually 7 different types of Oaxacan mole, each with their own flavor profile:

  • Amarillo
  • Chichilo
  • Coloradito
  • Manchamantel
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The Nutritional Benefits Of Mexican Food And Why You Should Switch Up Your Diet

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Thinking of switching up your diet? Eating healthy is on many people’s minds nowadays and, with stress proven to have a negative impact on your heart and sedentary lifestyles more common than ever, it makes sense to look for ways to stay fit. The nutritional benefits of Mexican food, in particular, have long since been one of the go-to options for people who want their diets to be as delicious as they are healthy.

Did You Know?

Let’s start off with some fun facts before diving into the nutritional benefits of Mexican food. One out o Continue reading

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

ice cream cupDo you enjoy indulging in ice cream and other frozen desserts? If so, you’re not alone. A study by NPD Group shows that 40% of Americans will eat ice cream in any given two-week period. On top of that, sweet, frozen treats are consumed regularly by 90% of U.S. households.

Ice cream shops and manufacturers need to start gearing up for June, which is the month with the highest production of ice cream. Every year, the United States produces approximately 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and frozen desserts. There were close to 2,600 frozen yogurt stores by the end of 2013.

This year, the average American will consume ice cream at least 28 times. With so many flavors, which ones do Americans prefer? Believe it or not, plain vanilla tops the list, with ice cream shops reporting that 28% of their customers prefer it over the dozens of other flavors.

Whether you own an ice cream shop or want to host the coolest dessert-themed party ever, you need the right supplies. Colored spoons, ice cream cups, and containers are must-haves for your event. You may want to have many flavors on hand, along with a tasting spoon to allow guests to sample the various choices. Prefer to serve frozen yogurt? Don’t forget frozen yogurt spoons, cups, and supplies. The same goes for gelato.

Want to focus on presentation? It’s all in the ice cream cup. While many people prefer cones, they tend to leak and get messy. An ice cream cup keeps all the ice cream contained in one spot. This means you have fewer messes and more time to enjoy your party.

Ice cream cups come in many different colors and patterns. You can get them in paper or Styrofoam varieties. Some have stripes or polka dots. You may even be able to customize them as well. You can often purchase them in 16-packs or even by the case if you’re planning a large party. Some also come with lids, so you can save the ice cream for later. This is especially useful for young kids.

The hotter weather may seem like a long way away, but before you know it, the whole country will be enjoying ice cream on a hot summer day.

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The Perfect Diet — A Look Into the Nutritional Benefits of Mexican Food

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Being in good health is something that most people seek actively during their life. Staying in good health and maintaining a level of fitness is something that should not necessarily be difficult to achieve and maintain, but a lot of people struggle as they failed to find a balance between the right eating habits and the right lifestyle. Keeping healthy eating habits often becomes difficult as most people associate health food with things that might not always tastes good or appear to be appetizing. This is a problem that many people fail to surmount, resulting in eating habits that such date their taste buds, but not their requirements to stay fit and healthy. Fortunately, there can be certain solutions which take all the boxes. Food which is healthy need not always be lacking in the taste and flavor Continue reading

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Are You Ready for an Authentic Mexican Meal?

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It’s the salsa.
When you are trying to get your family to have dinner at one of the favorite Mexican restaurants in town, you have been known to use a variety of reasons and tactics. Sometimes you tell your family that you know you are early enough that you will be able to get a seat. Sometimes you tell your daughters that you will get them some fried ice cream for dessert. Sometimes you simply say that the Mexican restaurant that you want to go to is one of the most affordable places you eat. The read truth, however, is that it is all about the salsa.
You enjoy the kind of salsa that is a little sweet. You love the kind of salsa that is salty enough it lea Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Your Bag of Chips

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Let’s face it, technology has made or modern American life easier and in many ways quite amazing. We have all probably heard the stories from our grandparents about walking to school in ten feet of snow, or having to wake up before the sun in order to get milk from a cow or from the stream, while in many ways these stories are tale tales used in order to emphasize how easy things are for us in the 21st century there is some truth to it.ore than ever, especially if you live in a big city, your barely have to leave your home, much less your couch in order to have every need delivered right to your home. With certain services this can happen in a matter of hours. If you were to ask a person born after 1995, they probably wouldn’t understand the premise behind ordering a product and having to wait a number of Continue reading

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Ensuring the Best Quality for Your Packaged Food Products — Using an X-Ray Food Inspection Machine

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If you are involved with a company that creates packaged products for consumption, you must be well aware there are very high standards of health and safety that need to be adhered to, to ensure that all your customers get the best quality of products that they can possibly get from you, and never run the risk of falling into any kind of health concern. In the consumables market, quality and reputation or the lack of it can make or break a brand, and for this reason, it is wise to put as much effort as you can, to ascertain that your products are perfectly safe, and are packaged in a sanitary yet interesting and eye-catching manner. You might already have food packaging equipment in your factory, but for improved Continue reading

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Ensuring Proper Restaurant Sanitization

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A common concern among restaurant goers is the sanitization of their food and the cooking conditions. This is a viable concern, as hundreds of people are affected with food poisoning from poorly cooked or incorrectly handled food products. Most states and cities have random health safety inspections, which require the business owner to make safer changes. In some states, the restaurant may be rated on their food health standards. However, sometimes things get past the inspection or may not be noticed. A restaurant business owner needs to take the importance of the customer?s healthy and safety into their own hands, taking any necessary precautions to prevent food borne illnesses.

There are many ways that a restaurant business owner can improve and ensure the safety of their customer?s in regard to Continue reading

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