Taking A Look At The Importance of Micro Greens

Going out to eat, be it for dinner, for lunch, or even for breakfast or brunch, is a great way to treat yourself. It’s also a great way to bond with family members as well as friends, strengthening connections that might have become less strong thanks to hectic lifestyles or any variety of other factors. Of course, restaurants are also great places to explore new cuisines and broaden your horizons. Especially here in the United States, the options are pretty much limitless.

So it is no surprise that the fine dining industry – for which the average person will pay more than $28 per visit – is thriving all throughout the United States. In fact, visits to fine dining establishments throughout the country have increased by as much as 3% over the course of the last year alone, a tremendous growth in a mere 12 months. Already, this part of the restaurant industry of the United States accounts for up to 10% of all sales.

What is the secret to success for fine dining establishments o Continue reading

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A Guide To Beer Growlers

Beer growlers have been around for a very long time, for as long as the late 1800s, in fact. A beer growler is a container that is used to take draft beer from one place to another without it going flat. If you have never heard of the term beer growler, keep reading to learn all there is to know about these beer containers.

The History Of The Beer Growler With Tap

Are you wondering where the term “growler” came from to name such a container for transporting draft beer from one place to another? Here is a quick history lesson for you. There are actually a few different reasons why it is called a beer growler. The term is a subject of debate among those who use this type of beer container.

The first reason comes from the late 1800s when kids would use a pail to take beer to their father’s workplace for them to drink during their lunch break and the growling sound the beer would make when the carbon would escape from the beer as it was being sloshed around Continue reading

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Refrigerated Trailers Part of a Quickly Growing Market

Reefer trailers provide a broad range of services up and down the street, along with food and drinks at various outdoor events. One of the most common refrigerator trailers that you ever see is the ice cream truck that makes its way up and down neighborhood streets every day of the summer.

What is a Reefer Unit

A reefer unit is the same thing as a refrigerated trailer or truck. In the U.S. during January 2018 alone there were about 40,000 refrigerated trailers ordered. Considering the 250% growth that had occurred since 2017, there is much to see in the reefer units wholesale market. Providing the refrigerated trailers at wholesale, as this will be a more common resale trend, may increase by another two billion dollars in the next few years.

Reefer Trailer Cost

With reefer units wholesale on the market, there is much to seek for the cost of the trailers themselves. With up to 500,000 reefer trailers currently open in the U.S., there is the ability for any en Continue reading

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4 Of The Best Music Festivals Kentucky Has To Offer

When you think of Kentucky, two very important things should come to mind: bourbon, and bluegrass. The state has very firmly established itself in both industries if the $8.5 billion in yearly bourbon profits and seemingly endless bluegrass music festivals are anything to go by. The popularity of both means that a good time is always to be had in the Bluegrass State; simply find some cozy cocktail bars or bourbon whiskey bars and enjoy all of the live music Lexington KY has to offer. If you prefer the energy of crowds, head over to one of these four main music festivals.

  • Summer Motion: This extremely fun, family-friendly event just celebrated its 30th anniversary! Located in Ashland, KY, Summer Motion hosts a Pickleball tournament, 5k and 10k races, a car and motorcycle show, as well as three days of themed musical entertainment. Family members of all ages can enjoy the experience this delightful summer festival brings to Kentucky.


  • River Rock Music Festival: This Christian festival picks up where the Ichthus Music Festival left off in 2015 — with righteous music celebrating God’s work. Although it is a traveling festival that only stops for a day or two, the live music Lexington KY experiences when they arrive is well worth the wait.


  • Boomslang: A Celebration of Sound and Art: Sponsored by the University of Kentucky’s college radio station, WRFL, this annual, multi-venue festival strives to “provide a platform for non-mainstream, non-commercial music and other programming not found elsewhere in the region”, and features a variety of artists from both the region and from around the world. The music isn’t to everyone’s taste as the genres tend to be experimental inherently, but it’s worth a trip if you’re looking to try something new.


  • Festival of the Bluegrass: The Lexington festival we’ve all been waiting for is actually one of the oldest bluegrass festivals in the bluegrass region of the state, making it historical and entertaining. In fact, the festival helped shape the early bluegrass festival culture, so it is truly a gem in Kentucky’s crown.

Bourbon bars are always fun if you’re just looking for a night out on the town, but a truly authentic Kentucky experience can only come when you’re in a throng of your fellow countrymen, every one of you sweating in the southern heat and having a wonderful time dancing to the live music flowing from the stage.

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Finding the Right Furniture Can Help Create the Ideal Space of Your Dreams

The new space is amazing. Created from a combination of reclaimed wood siding from other spaces, the new sports bar has a very rustic feel. The table tops are as different from one another as the customers will likely be, but they all have one thing in common. The solid wood table tops have been collected by the new business owners during the years that they dreamed of creating this space.
As more and more Americans attempt to recreate a home and business environment that is both rustic and authentic, it should come as no surprise that there is a growing need for wood siding, wood table tops, and other kinds of features that have been reclaimed from previous settings and purposes.
The Quiet Reclamation Industry of the Past Has Recently Started Making More Noise
Whether you have been a fan of refurbished items for a long time or you are new to this field, it is important to realize that the Continue reading

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Keeping Caffeinated The Working Benefits of Coffee

If you’ve ever worked in an office setting, I probably don’t have to tell you how important coffee often factors into work culture. Caffeine is a safe stimulant used by most Americans on a daily basis. Coffee and tea are the healthier ways to consume caffeine, compared to soda or energy drinks. That’s why finding the right coffee provider for businesses to help your office should become a priority for any office manager or owner.

It may sound like a needless investment at first, but hear me out. Apart from the huge morale boost that this would provide (which it most definitely will), purchasing a high quality coffee maker or vending machine for your office will increase productivity, as well as provide numerous health benefits to your employees who drink coffee.

Studies have shown that coffee can help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, as well as help with depression and are a good source of fiber. In addition, caffeine helps with concentration and memory, lead Continue reading

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German Man Finds Bottom Of Bottomless Sushi Special, Gets Banned From Restaurant

Think about the best brunch you’ve ever had. We can certainly think of more than a few. That wonderful space of time on the weekends, nestled cozily between the best breakfast and the best lunch, is the crown jewel of food consumption we know and love as brunch.

It’s fairly common for the best brunch places in Miami to have bottomless brunch specials, complete with food and beverage packages that’ll fill you to your heart’s content. In 2016, Americans spent somewhere around $1.17 trillion eating out at restaurants, and the brunch scene is bringing in exponentially more as the years progress. Generally, a glamorous affair, all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink brunches are breeding grounds for some hearty Bacchanalian revelry. And it is wonderful.

One man in Germany discovered that there is, indeed, a bottom to bottomless food specials after he was banned from a sushi restaurant for eating too much during an all-you-can-eat special. Yes, banned from the restaurant.

Meet 30-year-old Jaroslav Bobrowski, newly minted German legend. A former bodybuilder and current triathlete, the guy knows how to eat. He practices a pretty intense diet, as one must to perform such physically strenuous activities. He fasts for 20 hours at a time, then breaks his fast with hearty meals. Very. Hearty. Meals.

After a 20-hour fasting stint, he went to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, paid the $18.49 for the bottomless sushi special, then set to work. After finishing 100 plates from the sushi conveyer belt, he had eaten an estimated 18 pounds of sushi. The restaurant owner and other less voracious patrons were less than amused.

“I myself am dead after 13 plates, but he always took five or seven plates at a time. So there was a gap on the sushi carousel and the other guests asked if we had skimped on the fish. I want to win customers and not offend any guests. But … we only earn money on the drinks and he only consumed one tea the whole evening,” remarked the restaurant owner.

When he got his check, his tip was not accepted and he was told that he wouldn’t be welcome back at the establishment. Because he was a regular customer, this took him by surprise.

This naturally went viral and he’s been dubbed sushi man all around Germany. He feels some remorse for his dietary predilections and has since promised to be more mindful when he visits the buffet at a neighboring restaurant from now on.

There you have it. You may think the best brunch is a bottomless one, but take care not to find the bottom, lest you risk being banned. We think most human beings aren’t fasting for 20 hours and pulling a sushi man, but at least you’ve been warned.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Catering Company

Across the country, couples decide to get married and plan out their wedding each and every year. These couples work hard to put together the perfect wedding but they may need some help. Therefore, hiring a corporate catering company, an event catering service, or good caterers can really help. That way, the bride and groom can relax as food is served to their guests.

Weddings are sometimes themed and sometimes they are not. However, it is easier to plan a wedding with a theme when hiring a corporate catering company. The bride and groom can communicate their ideas to the workers and they can then execute the plans. For instance, weddings inspired by Great Gatsby parties are now held involving champagne cocktails, champagne towers, and tea sandwiches as well.

A Corporate Catering Company Creates Great Recipes and Menus

Across the United States, there are over 300,000 people working within the catering industry. This includes both men and women and vari Continue reading

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A Guide to Reclaimed Wood Table Top Facts

Every single year, there are big changes in how people view their homes and their interior design. Some people will decide to completely renovate their home after a decade to get new paplicnes. However, some people care more abuot getting wood furniture like a reclaimed wood table top. Here are all of the facts on reclaimed wood, wood siding, wood table tops, wood table tops, and reclaimed wood table tops!

According to Houzz, the average spend on a kitchen remodel in 2016 was around $20,000. Therefore, customers should make sure that they are saving money in the areas that they can. That way, they can apply their money to the areas that they value and care the most about. Whether that is new furniture, new cabinets, or new flooring is up to the homeowner. After all, some people want new cabinets and some want a reclaimed wood table top.

Reclaimed wood tables provide a distinct look that is unique and thrilling. First and foremost, keep in mind that American style has changed Continue reading

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A Good Coffee Maker Can Boost Office Work

Coffee is the energizing drink of choice for modern adults in many parts of the world. This caffeinated brew, made of ground coffee beans, gets the drinker energized within an hour and can boost productivity and brain power. In fact, the FDA has shown that once drunk, coffee’s caffeine gets absorbed into your body and will boost the brain’s energy levels, and even increase concentration and memory retention. All this points to improved cognitive performance, and many adults take advantage of this magic brew. 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink it every day, and this drink has found its way into the office. 46% of workers in the U.S. say that coffee helps them keep working productively during the day. It is clear that coffee is a major boost, and today’s office workers often reach for a fresh cup to get a power boost. A commercial coffee maker is a good option, and to get coffee at the office conveniently, one can turn to an office coffee vendor.

Why Coffee?

Aside fr Continue reading

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