Organic Honey and Other Bee Products

Organic honey has become very popular in the market today and one of the reasons why the demand has risen is because the number of bees has declined globally. This is something that should concern us all because bees are very important; for instance, they are the largest pollinators in the world. To help with this issue, many bee farmers today are switching to the production of organic honey.


Organic honey is ‘clean honey’ so to speak. For a beekeeper to get organic honey as the end product, they have to control where the bees go to get their nectar. This is not easy because a bee farmer will have to be sure that all flowers that the bees get their nectar from are organic. Keep in mind that in one hour a honey bee can fly up to 15 miles. If you are an experienced farmer, then you know one thing that affects honey production is hive location; the less the bees travel, the better.


So, How Is Organic Honey Made?


Well, it’s made like all the other honey, but there is a catch. For honey to be termed as organic, it has to come from a bee farm that adheres to the organic livestock standards as per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This means that bee farmers have to follow and maintain a particular standard with regards to honey production, processing, and packaging.


Perhaps it has been hard for you to tell the difference between raw honey and organic honey. Now that you know what organic honey is, let’s talk about raw honey. Raw honey is unheated, unpasteurized, and unprocessed honey. Raw honey is honey taken straight from the extractor. It can also be obtained by straining and settling.


There are a lot of products that a bee farmer can get from beekeeping. One such product is organic bee pollen. Pollen is the food that young bees eat. Bee pollen is a product that is increasing in popularity, mainly because of its health benefits. Bee pollen is said to have almost all nutrients that are essential to the human body.


Bee pollen is said to contain, fatty acids, minerals, lipids, proteins, folic acids, bioflavonoids, enzymes, and carotenoids. One interesting fact about this is that bee pollen is, said to have a higher percentage of protein than beef or eggs of the same weight. Organic bee pollen can be consumed as organic bee pollen capsules or organic bee pollen powder. Some organic bee pollen benefits include protection against liver toxicity, acts as an antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory properties, improves the immune system, acts as a stress reliever, it’s a dietary supplement, lowers the risk of heart disease, and helps to prevent infections.


Another unique product that can be created from honey is honey vinegar. Honey vinegar is not common as a commercial product unless you live in Italy. It is common, however, to mix honey with apple vinegar. This mixture has been known by many as a natural healing product. Some common benefits of honey vinegar include helping in weight loss, enhancing blood circulation, improving digestion, and helping with skin rejuvenation and nourishment.


If you are looking to go into the beekeeping business, do not limit yourself to just producing honey. Expand your business by venturing into the market of other conventional bee products such as the ones mentioned above.

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A Look Behind the Hive

No bee works alone. A single honey bee will produce one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in their lifetime. It is only with the help of a hive that the raw honey you love to eat is produced. Made into everything from flavored honey straws to honey candy, everybody loves the sweet taste of organic honey. But there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, or rather, behind the hive. Like any work environment there is a hierarchy in the hive, and at the top is the oh so famous queen. But how much do you really know about this queen bee? She is much more complex than what meets the eye, and if you are at are looking to learn beekeeping basics, here are five must-know facts about the queen bee.

1. The queen will only ever eat organic royal jelly


Organic royal jelly is the diet of all young bees, but the queen gets to keep this diet throughout her life. Produced from the head of young worker bees, organic royal jelly allows the queen to be the only bee who can reproduce in a hive as all the workers who eat fermented pollen have their ovaries shrivel over time.

2. There can only be one


You have probably heard that there can only be one queen in every hive, but it doesn’t start that way. Multiple queens are produced, and they fight until only one remains. After a queen hatches, she kills all of her competing queens by stinging their unhatched eggs. If more than one queen hatches at once, they will fight until only one remains.

3. Queen bees are not all about the honey


The queen may never leave the hive during her ‘reign’. She will never produce any honey in her lifetime, the queen doesn’t even visit a flower. In fact, she will rarely ever eat honey because she lives off organic royal jelly.

4. The queen bee is more of a figurehead than the ruler of the hive


Think of a beehive more like a democratic system, not a monocratic system. The queen bee is there to be the mother but doesn’t really make any decisions. There aren’t too many decisions to be made in a hive, but when it comes time to choose something like a nesting site, all the bees get a vote.

5. The queen bee only ever mates for a period of one to two days


It might surprise you that all worker bees are female, for every 100 worker bees there is one drone bee, a male bee. They don’t contribute any bee pollen, instead, their purpose is to mate with the queen. Once in her life, for just a couple days at the most, the queen bee will mate as much as possible with as many drone bees as possible. After that, she never mates again but the sperm is stored inside of her so she can reproduce over an extended amount of time. Once she runs out of sperm, the queen can never mate again.


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3 Popular Types of Micro Greens

Many adults are realizing the importance of eating healthy throughout their lives. Some vegetables are edible flowers while others are micro greens. These types of greens are both healthy and delicious. Research shows that micro greens have been around for almost 30 years. Since this time, micro greens have risen in popularity throughout the culinary world. However, it’s important to note that there are many types of organic micro greens available. Considering that, you might find it helpful to learn about popular micro green varieties. Here are three popular types of micro greens.

  1. Lamiaceae

    Many people enjoy purchasing micro greens from the Lamiaceae family. These types of micro greens are popular for cooking purposes. You’ll find that basil, mint, sage, and oregano are a few popular types of Lamiaceae micro greens. You could place a few types of La Continue reading
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Green Flecks On Your Food? Those Are Microgreens!

You find yourself at a nice restaurant and decide to order something new for a change. When the order finally comes to you, you happened to notice tiny green flecks garnishing your meal. They are clearly meant to be eaten since you find them spread out among your food. You have just stumbled upon micro greens. And yes, they are okay to eat!

What Are Micro Greens?

It should be noted before explaining that they are not tiny leaves, in fact, they have a stem with leaves, nor are they sprouts.

Microgreens are seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs, and come in several micro green varieties. Micro greens are, obviously, very small in nature, around 1 to 1.5 inches long, this includes the stem and leaves, and contrary to popular belief they have been enhancing meals around the world for about 20 or 30 years.

If you have heard the words and used, arugu Continue reading

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Into The World Of Beekeeping

Honey is widely popular in many places throughout the world. After all, honey can be used for truly so many different things. From an addition to various foods like tea and even spread on toast or biscuits to its use for the treating of minor illnesses (such as to ease a sore throat), honey is often also thought to have healing properties. Some people have even historically used honey for burns. So there is no doubting the fact that honey is quite popular indeed. As a matter of fact, the average person here in the United States alone will consume very nearly one and a half pounds of honey over the course of just one single year. And in the state of North Dakota alone, more than 33 million pounds of honey were produced back in the year of 2013. In the years that have followed since, honey production has continued to remain illustrious.

After all, the list of products made from honey and other such beep produced products continues one. Honey stix, for instance, are a popular treat a Continue reading

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The Finest Accessories for Your Coffee

Today, coffee ranks among the most popular drinks in the entire world, along with tea, beer, and plain water. This leads to an enormous market for coffee and its accessories, ranging from white paper cups and plastic lids to coffee stirrers (wooden sticks), sugar and cream packets, custom lids for paper coffee cups, bags of beans, and more. All sorts of ingredients go into someone’s cup of joe, whether grounds, freshly ground-up beans, sugar or cream, or other, more exotic ingredients. Today’s American coffee drinkers can get a fine cup of coffee from any number of large or small coffee shops alike, and a lot of coffee is consumed on the go. Products such as those paper cups, coffee stirrers, and more are used for that very purpose, and many coffee shops are prepare for their customers to take their drinks to go. What is there to know about the coffee industry today, from bean bags to coffee stirrers?

The Modern Coffee Market

This beverage is consumed generously around th Continue reading

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All the Custom Containers and Cups that Help a Small Food Store

So many different types of containers are needed for various uses. Some of the most common containers are used to serve food to go, while many others are cups for drinks and dessert. Serving desserts like ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt means that these cups and containers can be customized with the brand being sold. Because Americans eat these desserts almost 30 times a year, there is much to expect in the frequency of these cups circling throughout the outdoors.

Many Uses for Custom Containers

Even though these containers are most often used to serve food, so many types and uses are available. Standard paper cups are readily available, especially with the ability to purchase them in bulk from many stores. Custom cups tend to be important when a restaurant or cafe wants to share their logo or brand with the public. This often takes place with local and franchise ice cream and other dessert stands, but there are many other locations where custom cups are helpful.
Continue reading

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Drop The Bland Flour Tortilla For The Delicious Corn Tortilla

It is hard to argue against Mexican food being one of the most popular cuisines in the United States. In fact, one in 10 restaurants in the United States, that are not even primarily Mexican, sell some sort of Mexican food. In fact, 67,391 of those restaurants at least serve burritos. Not convinced? Mexican food champions 42 percent of the shares on ethnic food sales in just the United States. This continues its ethnic reign as the most popular food. Its tasty reign even continues in the homes of Americans with 71.08 percent of United States citizens preparing Mexican foods and using popular Mexican ingredients.

It is because of this that local Mexican restaurants spring up, seemingly, overnight. Just as of 2011, Mexican restaurants have spread their popularity by erecting 38,000 restaurants, some of which may be familiar to you or they happen to be local Mexican restaurants.

Flour Tortilla VS Corn Continue reading

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A Look At Buying Wine Here In The United States

Here in the United States, enjoying an alcoholic beverage every now and again is quite common indeed. After all, data shows that more than 86% of the population that is of a legal drinking age has tried some type of alcoholic beverage at least once in their life – and many of these people will enjoy such drinks on a relatively regular basis. Among elderly people, more than 65% of the population still drinks. And very nearly three full quarters of millennials do. From beer to liquor to cider to wine, alcohol comes in many different forms.

Wine is a particularly popular drink here in the United States – and truly all throughout the world as a whole as well. From red wine to white wine to all of the wines in between (like roses), there is a great variety of wine to choose from. Even the categories of red and white wine in and of themselves have a great deal of variety. For some people, a sweeter wine is ideal, while many others prefer more dry types of wine. No matter what, however, Continue reading

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Thirsty? Equipment That May Make Your Smoothie Bar A Success

In the United States, Americans take their food and drink very seriously. They document their meals and drinks on social media, they write about the latest trends, and they get others to try the food and drink they’re obsessed with at the moment. More specifically, Americans love juice. In fact, it was reported a few years ago that Americans consumed 6.6 gallons of juices. At this time, orange juice was the most popular juice, and Americans drank 23.7 pounds of this juice. More importantly, these juices have various health benefits such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart attacks. So, it’s acceptable to say that we go crazy for juice! If you have a smoothie bar, a juice bar, or simply love juice; here’s some equipment for you.

Smoothie Bars And Juice Bars

It is important to note that a smoothie bar and a juice bar are very similar. Smoothie bars sell blended fruit drinks, health food bowls, and juices to their Continue reading

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