Why Soup Will Always Be a Popular Food Choice

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When it comes to comfort food, there’s one food that always makes the cut — soup. Hot soups like chicken noodle, minestrone, and beef barley are time-honored classics and cold soups like borscht, gazpacho, and chilled cucumber soups are perfect for cooling off during the hot weather. It’s also an easy dish to serve en masse at delis, coffee shops, and other smaller food retailers — you can make a big batch, put it under a warmer, and still offer customers a warm, nourishing meal. And given that Americans eat over 10 million bowls of soup a year, it’s clear that soups are here to stay. Indeed, in 2016, over 30% of delis said they wanted to focus on enhancing their soup stations. Offering food can help draw in more customers and increase revenue and soup can be an inexpensive option for quick eating establ Continue reading

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Ask for the Brunch Menu When Planning Your Special Event

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According to a recent survey, thirty-five percent of weddings are held outside. Further, the average budget for a wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385. There are many ways brides are working to save money while still having the upscale wedding of their dreams.

Eating brunch began in England, and took over 30 years to gain popularity in the United States. A brunch is a simple meal that falls mid to late morning. Brunches tend to be lower cost than dinners, and can easily be catered outside.

There are many wedding venues that now commonly offer a brunch menu as one of their options for a wedding. When looking got places to have a wedding reception, you want to find one that offers all or most of wh Continue reading

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