Office Coffee Supplies Help Businesses Provide a Nice Way to Thank Employees

Hotel coffee machine

This is the season for parties.
From formal affairs on a Friday or Saturday night for the whole party to informal breaks in the conference room, the winter holidays provide many opportunities to celebrate with coworkers and friends. And while individual offices are good about planning their holiday celebrations, the hotel and conference center industry are also very focused on helping their clients and guests celebrate as well. From the hotel coffee supplies that take on a festive appearance by switching cup sleeves to festive red and green designs to specialty coffee and tea that is only available in the winter, many hospitality offerings want to help celeb Continue reading

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Four Unknown Facts about Peanuts

Peanut facts

How much do you know about peanuts? Do you consider yourself a peanut butter enthusiast? Are you simply someone that enjoys an occasional peanut? Would you prefer that peanuts stay entirely away from you? People have varying preferences when it comes to peanuts and peanut butter. Yet, many people do not know a whole lot when it comes to peanuts. For example, is a peanut a nut? A surprising number of people do not know this answer.

Is a peanut a nut?
Is a peanut a nut? While there are some similarities between a peanut and a nut, there are also many differences. For example, peanuts do not grow above ground, as other peanuts do. Peanuts actually belong to the legumes family. However, they are often categorized into the peanut family. In some cases, if a person exhibits allergy sym Continue reading

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Facts On Cashew Nutrition

Pecan family

The average American does not know as much about nuts and cashews as they might think. While people enjoy pecan recipes, types of nuts, and peanut oil uses, they do not know a lot about the nutritional value brought forth by nuts. The benefits of understanding the nutritional value of nuts can be great for people.

One people understand the value of cashew nutrition and pure peanut oil, it is incredibly easy to interlace it within daily recipes. For instance, most people do not know that Chia seeds can be broken down into 19% protein, 34% fat, and 46% of all carbohydrates. Plus, that Continue reading

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Peanuts A Global Delicious Snack

Cholesterol in peanuts

For centuries and millennia, they were wild. They grow from bushes, underground. They have spread to all countries in South America. They are that staple of going-to-school dishes.

Peanuts, of a domestic nature, are a new phenomenon, by the context of millennia and the evolution of plants. Scientists believe that the domestic peanut plant that we see today was a result of a hybridization of two wild peanut species, creating what was the first peanut bush that was edible.

The start of this is thought to be locations: Southern Bolivia or Argentina. But soon they’d spread–to Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay. Croppers would plant them in Central America and the United States. People would snack on them, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. From East Africa to Europe. And then the United States.
Continue reading

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How Food Packaging Helps Keep Us Safe and Making Informed Choices

Pre made pouch filling machines

Before our food reaches the shelves of our supermarket — and eventually, our refrigerator and cabinets at home — it’s been through many hands and places. It usually has to go through packaging machines, food sealing machines, a food metal detector, and undergo an X-ray food inspection, all to make sure that the final product is safe to consume. This is important, given that every year just under 50 million people get sick, almost 130,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 people pass away from foodborne diseases. Obviously, those who work in the food industry want to keep this number decreasing and make sure that all food is safe for consumption. X-ray food inspections are an importan Continue reading

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Main Differences Between 3 Types of Frozen Treats

Drink cups

It makes sense to feel confused about which desserts to include in your shop. There are a few sweet treats that tower above all others in regards to popularity. Many shops include ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato for their customers. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed when trying to explain the differences between treats your company carries. Here are the main differences between three popular types of frozen treats.

  1. Ice Cream

    Many frozen treat shops purchase many flavors of ice cream. Statistics show that 9% of all milk made by dairy farmers in the United States is used to make ice cream. One main difference between various desserts are the churning speeds. Ice cream is churn Continue reading
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The Trend of Craft Beers and Local Wines

Local beer

With so many liquor stores around the city, how can you increase your sales and create a demand? Owning a beer, liquor, and wine store can be extremely profitable, as long as you are aware of the best alcohol sales trends and keep up with wine store growing trends. These are some of the most important wine store considerations to keep in mind.

Craft beers are currently trending

People have recently moved away from large named beers. They are focused more on craft beers that are locally made. It is a good idea to begin networking with local breweries and wineries to supply some Continue reading

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The Three Essentials Every Ice Cream Party Must Have

Custom cups

According to research conducted by NPD Group, 40% of Americans will eat ice cream in any given two-week period. In fact, the average American will eat ice cream 28.5 times per year, making it one of the most sought-after sweet treats in the country.

We eat ice cream and gelato as part of a special occasion and we eat it because we’re bored; no one really needs a reason. Nine out of ten households will indulge in a sweet, frozen treat of some kind on a regular basis. At the same time, ice cream does stand out as something special when it is presented at a birthday celebration or even a stand-alone ice cream party.

If you are going to be throwing an ice cream party at some point in th Continue reading

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Do You Have a Big Party Planned for the Upcoming Weekend?


This is the season of tailgates and football, after game parties and beer gardens.
If you are looking forward to a weekend with friends and family, you may have a few trips planned to local liquor stores. With a list of the favorite drinks and seasonal beers that are available, you may find yourself in the situation where you spend as much at the liquor stores on the drinks as you do buying food at the grocery stores.
Whether you are in charge of buying wine and spirits for a wedding or planning beer games for a tailgate, you will likely find that you can get better prices at liquor stores where you can make bulk purchase Continue reading

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How One Man’s Zoo Exhibit Becomes Another Man’s Meat Package

meat packageDoes your meat bounce? According to the BBC, Australia’s ecologists and landholders alike are saying it should — at least, at some point.

One Man’s Zoo Exhibit is Another Man’s Steak
While the rest of the earth may have trouble imagining kangaroos outside of a zoo exhibit, in Australia, they’re far more common. Imagine millions of rabbits (which Australia already has plenty of, by the way) — but these millions of rabbits are wreaking havoc on native plant populations. Already, the kangaroo population has grown from 27 million in 2010 to 45 million as of 2016. For comparison, that’s nearly twice the entire human population of the country. And if you need to put it in further perspective: the U.S. is home to an estimated 98 million cattle, with the majority of these animals confined to farms (the kangaroos are largely unrestricted, living in the outback).

From Eco Disaster to Dinner
Now, ecologists and landholders are encouraging Australians to eat more kangaroo, precisely because there is little demand for the wild meat. Though kangaroo skins are often used for leather, people rarely want to eat the meat itself — the BBC says this is largely due to stigma, since it’s the country’s most recognizable animal. Animal welfare becomes a greater area of concern when it’s an animal that has been so humanized over the years.

In many ways, kangaroo meat is similar to grass fed beef — it’s lower in fat, contributes to less methane in the atmosphere (making it more environmentally friendly), it’s hormone free, and also contributes to keeping the outback full of a variety of different plants and animals. If speed is an important factor, consider that, thanks to less fat, grass fed beef and kangaroo meat have quicker cooker times — by about 30%.

Will Kangaroo Meat Packages be Australia’s Next Big Thing?
Will local meat markets be stocking kangaroo meat anytime soon? It remains to be seen whether Australians will adapt to this new option for sustainability, despite its many attractive attributes. It’s fair to say that Australia is, perhaps, sitting on a gold mine yet to be exploited — considering that America’s cattle farms are worth a combined $60 billion, an enterprising Australian (or several) could make a quick buck off the country’s extra kangaroos somehow… can you say “kangaroo-nuggets”?

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