I Want To Become A Beekeeper What Equipment Do I Need?

What’s an ingredient you just can’t live without, for whatever reason?

For some it’s a good pinch of salt on every meal, because no dinner or breakfast is the same without it. For others it might be their favorite organic lotion to keep cracked knuckles and dry elbows at bay. Honey, a delicious gift that enters our lives in one way or another, remains a favorite of many. It can be drizzled over your oatmeal, mixed into a hot drink or incorporated in a DIY lotion when winter comes back into the fold. Is it at all surprising more and more people are starting to get into the art of maintaining a beehive?

Should you be considering the beekeeping basics, or just want to learn more about the insect that gives you so many reasons to celebrate, look no further than below.

Did You Know?

Bees are fascinating creatures. Not only do they supply us with the ingredients we need for our flavored honey straws and bee pollen supplements, they boast incredi Continue reading

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