Coffee Gets Your Morning Going, Keeps Your Day Running, and Does More Than You Think

Coffee cup

We Americans certainly do love our coffee, and we are not alone. All around the world, people drink their coffee at many different times of day, whether that time is first thing in the morning when we are trying to get our day started or anytime throughout the day when we are at work meetings or having a meal. Coffee has become an almost, and many would say a definite, essential thing to have around.

People rely on their coffee. It has become a habit for many to not even really be able to begin functioning at full capacity without it. We have come to rely on it a great deal. Some are as addicted to where they get their coffee as they are to the cup of coffee itself. A certain coffee shop or a certain brand of coffee they buy in order to make a cup for themselves while they are at home.

In a recent study, 86% Continue reading

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