Behind Ice Cream Consumption

Frozen treats like ice cream and frozen yogurt (and don’t forget about gelato) are incredibly popular in the United States – and always have been. The majority of children who grew up or are growing up in the United States have fond memories related to frozen treats, such as ice cream after dinner or ice cream on hot summer days. Frozen treats like frozen yogurt supply a healthier alternative to those who are looking to watch their consumption of frozen treats, and gelato cups as well provide an ice cream alternative (though not necessarily a healthier one).

Though ice cream is popular all year around, with nearly half of all people in the United States eating ice cream at least once every two weeks (and many will eat it more often) and will eat ice cream nearly thirty times in just one year, the most popular time for the production and consumption of not just ice cream but all frozen treats is most certainly during the summer months, when it is warm out in most parts of the country a Continue reading

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