Craft Beer, It’s Clear, Is Here To Stay

It’s no secret that the craft beer scene is growing in the U.S. In 2015, the number of operating breweries grew by 15% in the country, and nearly all that growth came from craft brewers, who now make up about 12% of the overall beer market. The craft brewing market in this country is now worth $23.5 billion, which doesn’t sound like that much, but it is a lot bigger than it was just a few short years ago. There are a number of ways to try craft beer or to get your fix if you are a connoisseur.

Just about every craft beer company out there has its own tap room where it serves its own beer to customers. In fact, for some very small brewers, it’s their only method. This is because most states have laws regarding distribution. Craft brewers that want to serve their beer elsewhere, even in another craft brewer’s tap room, have to go through a licensed distributor, which can add a large additional layer of costs. When getting beer from the tap in a craft brewery, you can get it by the g Continue reading

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Great Moments in Craft Beer History

Growler pressure cap

Never before has craft beer been more popular in the United States than today. It accounts for about 12% of the American beer market. If you love craft beer, grab your growler and check out this great list of great points in its history brought to the world by Vine Pair.

  • The government made Cascade hops available to the general public. These floral and a little bitter and citrusy hops are now one of the most popular varieties in the country. No matter what has been developed since then, these remain a staple and a classic.
  • The American Porter underwent a revival of sorts thanks to Anchor Brewing, also in 1972. This brewery got its start in the 1800s so its work to get Continue reading
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