The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Catering Company

Across the country, couples decide to get married and plan out their wedding each and every year. These couples work hard to put together the perfect wedding but they may need some help. Therefore, hiring a corporate catering company, an event catering service, or good caterers can really help. That way, the bride and groom can relax as food is served to their guests.

Weddings are sometimes themed and sometimes they are not. However, it is easier to plan a wedding with a theme when hiring a corporate catering company. The bride and groom can communicate their ideas to the workers and they can then execute the plans. For instance, weddings inspired by Great Gatsby parties are now held involving champagne cocktails, champagne towers, and tea sandwiches as well.

A Corporate Catering Company Creates Great Recipes and Menus

Across the United States, there are over 300,000 people working within the catering industry. This includes both men and women and vari Continue reading

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A Guide to Reclaimed Wood Table Top Facts

Every single year, there are big changes in how people view their homes and their interior design. Some people will decide to completely renovate their home after a decade to get new paplicnes. However, some people care more abuot getting wood furniture like a reclaimed wood table top. Here are all of the facts on reclaimed wood, wood siding, wood table tops, wood table tops, and reclaimed wood table tops!

According to Houzz, the average spend on a kitchen remodel in 2016 was around $20,000. Therefore, customers should make sure that they are saving money in the areas that they can. That way, they can apply their money to the areas that they value and care the most about. Whether that is new furniture, new cabinets, or new flooring is up to the homeowner. After all, some people want new cabinets and some want a reclaimed wood table top.

Reclaimed wood tables provide a distinct look that is unique and thrilling. First and foremost, keep in mind that American style has changed Continue reading

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A Good Coffee Maker Can Boost Office Work

Coffee is the energizing drink of choice for modern adults in many parts of the world. This caffeinated brew, made of ground coffee beans, gets the drinker energized within an hour and can boost productivity and brain power. In fact, the FDA has shown that once drunk, coffee’s caffeine gets absorbed into your body and will boost the brain’s energy levels, and even increase concentration and memory retention. All this points to improved cognitive performance, and many adults take advantage of this magic brew. 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink it every day, and this drink has found its way into the office. 46% of workers in the U.S. say that coffee helps them keep working productively during the day. It is clear that coffee is a major boost, and today’s office workers often reach for a fresh cup to get a power boost. A commercial coffee maker is a good option, and to get coffee at the office conveniently, one can turn to an office coffee vendor.

Why Coffee?

Aside fr Continue reading

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Shopping For A Beer Enthusiast? Look No Further

Shopping for your favorite beer enthusiast can be both a fun and overwhelming. With so many options of beer and growlers deciding what is best fit for them can give you a plethora of options. In a world where 14% of Americans drink beer on the daily there are plenty of cups, steins and growlers to fit every drinker and every personality type. Why not get your favorite beer enthusiast custom growlers? Custom growlers can provide a unique gift with a touching and individualized present. But what exactly is a growler? And in what ways can these items be customized. Is it worth investing in for your favorite beer drinker? Of course it is! And we have just the reasons why.

What exactly is a custom growler?

A growler is a guy that transports draft beer. Coming in all different shapes and sizes. These growlers keep the beer fresher than most bottles and can even be customized in unique styles for any beer lover. Growler containers can keep your beer as fresh as possible, for Continue reading

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Three Occasions To Serve Wine And Spirits

Wine and spirits have long been popular in the United States, there is no doubt about it. Whether you prefer white wine or red, vodka or whiskey, many people enjoy having a drink every once in awhile. In fact, some people will even have a drink or two after work as well. Offering wine and spirits can help to add something a little extra to your next big event, but it can be difficult to know when to serve them and when they are worth the cost.

This article will provide a brief look at when to serve wine and spirits at your special events, as well as a little bit of information about the world of wine and spirits in the United States themselves. Of course, due to the length of this article it is far from an all inclusive look at wine and spirits, but it provides a great jumping off point for anyone who is feeling a little bit stumped on how to proceed in this realm.

1. You can serve wine and spirits at a wedding.

Weddings in the United States are plentiful, there’s absol Continue reading

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Craft Beer, It’s Clear, Is Here To Stay

It’s no secret that the craft beer scene is growing in the U.S. In 2015, the number of operating breweries grew by 15% in the country, and nearly all that growth came from craft brewers, who now make up about 12% of the overall beer market. The craft brewing market in this country is now worth $23.5 billion, which doesn’t sound like that much, but it is a lot bigger than it was just a few short years ago. There are a number of ways to try craft beer or to get your fix if you are a connoisseur.

Just about every craft beer company out there has its own tap room where it serves its own beer to customers. In fact, for some very small brewers, it’s their only method. This is because most states have laws regarding distribution. Craft brewers that want to serve their beer elsewhere, even in another craft brewer’s tap room, have to go through a licensed distributor, which can add a large additional layer of costs. When getting beer from the tap in a craft brewery, you can get it by the g Continue reading

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Paper Ice Cream Cups Can Be a Great Dessert for Any Party or Event

If you are planning any kind of event or party, one of the most important things that you need to get right is the food. A lot depends on the kind of food that you serve at a party when it comes to making a success of it. Serving food that your guests can really enjoy can significantly enhance the appeal of an event or a party and can make your guests feel wanted and at home. There are a few failsafe, tried and tested things that you can do to ensure that you have just the right party menu and one of the things you can do in this regard is to include the right frozen desserts. Frozen treats like ice cream cups, gelato, and frozen yogurt cups rank among the most popular desserts in the country and can significantly enhance the appeal of your menu at any party or event.

When it comes to designing that perfect party Continue reading

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A Look At The Growth Of The Coffee Industry In the United States

From plain white paper cups to wooden stir sticks for coffee, there is a lot that the typical coffee shop, whether it’s an independent shop or even a chain shop, must stock. But all types of coffee shops, from those that use plain white paper cups to those that use ceramic cups or even small paper cups with lids, have become hugely and widely successful no matter where you might go in the United States – as well as in many places far beyond it as well. In fact, independent coffee shops alone, those that are not run through a chain coffee shop owner, have begun to generate as many as twelve billion dollars in sales just over the course of one single year in the United States alone, let alone in other places all around the world. Chain coffee shops have often proved to be hugely successful as well, and come sometimes even be found as frequently as on every corner, or so it seems. All in all, the retail value of the market for coffee in the United States has now risen to be worth more tha Continue reading

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6 Ways to Market Your Frozen Dessert Establishment

Frozen desserts are a popular treat for a number of reasons, in fact Americans consumer ice cream more than 28 times per year, meaning the demand isn’t going anywhere. This can mean that opening a frozen dessert establishment can be extremely beneficial for those who do so, but only if the required work is put into it. There were more than 2,000 frozen yogurt stores by the end of 2013, which means if you’re willing to enter into the market you have to figure out a way to make yourself stand out from your competitors. Read below to get some tips to help a new establishment make a name for itself.

Free WiFi

If you provide free Wifi for your guests, they will tend to stay longer. This means they will typically order more from your establishment. Free WiFi not only draws customers, but it also entices them to sit and stay for a while. This means that they will frequently come ba Continue reading

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Fun Facts About Popcorn That Are ‘Butter’ Than a Movie

Popcorn is one of those delicious snacks that most people can’t help but eat a whole bowl of (or bag, box, bin, whatever you put yours in). Whether you like to air-pop your popcorn in an air popper, stove top with some oil, or just a microwavable bag, popcorn is truly a unique snack.

Not just as a late night movie aid, but also in history and production as well. Here are some fun facts about popcorn that’ll have you poppin’ out of your seat.

  • Popcorn is relatively low in calories compared to most snacks. One cup of air-popped popcorn only has 31 calories, and one cup of popcorn popped in oil has 55 calories.
  • Out of all six types of corn, only popcorn actually “pops.”
  • January 19 is National Popcorn Day.
  • Roughly one billion pounds of popcorn are grown every year in the United States.
  • April 6 is National Caramel Popcorn Day.
  • October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month (yeah, popcorn gets a whole month).
  • Popcorn is considered a whole grain and made up of three parts, including the hull.
  • In order to pop, popcorn needs between 13.5% and 14% moisture.
  • The reason popcorn pops is that it has a thicker hull than other types of corn. Pressure from heated water builds inside the hull until it eventually bursts, leaving the soft, good stuff.
  • The number one use for microwaves is to pop popcorn, which is why most microwaves have a “popcorn” button.
  • “Popability” refers to the percentage of popcorn kernels that pop.
  • Popcorn comes in two shapes once it’s popped: mushroom and snowflake. The popcorn you eat at movie theaters is usually snowflake while mushroom is used in candy confections.
  • Most popcorn is grown in the Midwest, particularly Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, and Kentucky.

That’s a lot of facts about popcorn, and definitely not all-inclusive.

The best thing about popcorn? You can get it almost anywhere.

Besides being able to walk into a popcorn store and leave with the flavored popcorn of your choice, you can also order gourmet popcorn gifts online from awesome websites. There’s a whole popcorn market you can be a part of. Need a gift idea? Get popcorn. Want to try hundreds of different popcorn flavor? You have to start somewhere (tip: start with dill pickle).

Want to purchase a popcorn gift, or maybe start your way down the list of flavored popcorns? Check out all the different kinds of flavored popcorn listed on our website.

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