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Three Occasions To Serve Wine And Spirits

Wine and spirits have long been popular in the United States, there is no doubt about it. Whether you prefer white wine or red, vodka or whiskey, many people enjoy having a drink every once in awhile. In fact, some people will even have a drink or two after work as well. Offering wine and spirits can help to add something a little extra to your next big event, but it can be difficult to know when to serve them and when they are worth the cost.

This article will provide a brief look at when to serve wine and spirits at your special events, as well as a little bit of information about the world of wine and spirits in the United States themselves. Of course, due to the length of this article it is far from an all inclusive look at wine and spirits, but it provides a great jumping off point for anyone who is feeling a little bit stumped on how to proceed in this realm.

1. You can serve wine and spirits at a wedding.

Weddings in the United States are plentiful, there’s absolutely no denying it. Over the course of a single weekend, more than forty four thousand weddings are likely to occur – and sometimes even more during popular wedding months, such as June and October. In just one year, nearly two and half million weddings will have been conducted in just the United States alone.

Serving wine and spirits at an open bar is a great way to give your guests a great night, and will help to get more people on the dance floor. Wine and spirits are only two options for an open bar, which will likely also provide beers, ciders, and any specialty drinks that you might want to include. However, budgeting is important, and if you plan on having an open bar, you should reserve up to twenty five percent of your catering budget for that alone.

2. A birthday party.

Of course, everyone loves to celebrate birthdays. If you’re having a more laid back but still elaborate birthday party, you might choose to opt for craft beer instead of wine and spirits, as craft beer is easier to drink over a long period of time and is likely to be able to be prolonged over the course of the night.

And craft beer is on the rise. In fact, craft beer alone now makes up at least twelve percent of the total beer market here in the United States. It also is represented by more than four thousand and two hundred local breweries, more craft beer and small independent beer breweries than the United States has ever seen before. Craft beer can be more than ideal for a special occasion, as craft beers are often very special beers themselves, providing unique flavors and drinking profiles that simply cannot be found in most typical store bought and nationally produced beers.

For any given adult birthday party, craft beer is likely to be a great addition even if you do still serve wine and spirits alongside it.

3. A formal dinner.

Wine and spirits are perfect for a formal dinner, as there’s nothing more elegant than sipping a glass of high quality wine while you eat a luxuriously and expertly prepared meal. For such an event, it will be important that you choose the wine carefully, as wine pairings can make all the difference when it comes to an artfully prepared meal. Be prepared to savor your wine, as it will be just a part of your meal as anything on your plate and not merely a complement to it.

In such situations, getting special wine from your nearest winery can really add a special touch. Fortunately for many, wineries are more widespread than the average person realizes, with more than seven thousand in operation throughout the United States today. Red wine is the most widely preferred type of wine, but it is a good idea to offer a selection, as not everyone at your table will have the same tastes.

All in all, wine and spirits and local beer brands make a great complement to just about any special occasion.

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