Great Ideas For Farmers Market Vendors!

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Cities love farmers markets. They’re springing up everywhere. This is because when people buy local food, they do more than support the local economy. Buying local food means that they’re eat healthier, better-tasting food. Plus, farmers markets also act a lively hub and community space.

Here are a few great farmers market ideas for local food suppliers, to rope in those hungry locavores!

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro offers some handy farmers market ideas for displays. They advise that farmers should use tablecloths for a more homey appearance. Go along with this theme by using bales of straw as shelfs, draping burlap over boxes, and using peach baskets, apple crates, or wicker baskets as containers instead of cardboard boxes. They also advise that farmers should layer the displa Continue reading

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Stone Crab Season Is Almost Upon Us!

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If you have never eaten stone crab, you sure are missing out. They offer some of the most succulent and savory crab meat that can be found, offering the best stone crab claws. Crab eaters from around the world flock to places like Florida during stone crab season in order to partake in those sweet, meaty claws.

Just like blue crabs, stone crabs can only be harvested along locations such as the Gulf Coast of Florida, usually found around the jetties, oyster reefs, and other rocky areas. The 2013 season, the start of when you can get the best stone crab claws, is just two weeks away. The 15th of October this year marks the start of the season.

These little guys average between five Continue reading

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You Don’t Need to Cry Over Mashed Potatoes! Three Tips for a Healthy Winter Lifestyle

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Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other winter holidays are approaching faster than you think. Interestingly, a study cited on shows that most of us gain only about .8 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. The holidays themselves do not always contribute significantly to weight gain. Overall winter habits, however, often do, when people choose to stay inactive during the months of cold. Here are three steps for a healthier lifestyle this winter so that you will make it through fitter than ever!

1. Keep Strong with the Fresh Food

Did you know that many farmers markets continue on into the winter? A winter farmers market accomplishes two goals. Not only does it keep you in touch with affordable produce, but it’s also a good way to get yourself up and moving in the morn Continue reading

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