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Great Ideas For Farmers Market Vendors!

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Cities love farmers markets. They’re springing up everywhere. This is because when people buy local food, they do more than support the local economy. Buying local food means that they’re eat healthier, better-tasting food. Plus, farmers markets also act a lively hub and community space.

Here are a few great farmers market ideas for local food suppliers, to rope in those hungry locavores!

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro offers some handy farmers market ideas for displays. They advise that farmers should use tablecloths for a more homey appearance. Go along with this theme by using bales of straw as shelfs, draping burlap over boxes, and using peach baskets, apple crates, or wicker baskets as containers instead of cardboard boxes. They also advise that farmers should layer the display from the ground up on to the table, which can be achieved with a step appearance by laying boards across bales, crates, or baskets at different levels.

Neptia, a design and marketing firms, also offers handy farmers market ideas to attract more patronage. They write that farmers should use cream colored canopies, rather than attention grabbing, colorful banners. This is because cream or light colored banners “naturally reflect a glow and warm tone over the products within it and also simulate airiness and wide space.” It’s also important to stand, so as not look bored and disengaged, and to smile and make eye contact (which means no sunglasses!).

It’s also a good idea to suggest recipes for people as they peruse the goods. Local food recipes are hearty, and delicious, and can be a perfect opportunity for a great dinner! These recipes will also stimulate some other farmers market ideas in your customers, so they’ll buy other ingredients for the scrumptious recipes.

If you have any other great farmers market ideas, please share in the comments!

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