What You Didn’t Know About Chocolate

Organic dark chocolate

When you think of life’s little pleasures, what do think of? A jar of freshly picked wildflowers in the sunlight? A warm breakfast shared with those you love? Snow, freshly fallen and formed in to a sphere in the cup of your mitten, glistening and white? One of the images that most likely comes to your mind is that of a bar of chocolate, and the associated sensations of it melting in your mouth. Seriously, what would life be without chocolate? For those with a culinary thumb, it offers thousands of possibilities in the kitchen and beyond — just make sure you source your chocolate from a responsible wholesale chocolate supplier.

  • It is not in fact, high in caffeine. Another myth — busted. A 1oz bar of milk chocolate contains only 5-6mg of caffeine. This is significantly less than in coffe Continue reading
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How to Enhance Your Dishes With Specialty Produce Such as Edible Candy Flowers

Edible rose petals

Plate presentation is a true artform, and is essential to the success of a dish — just as much as its taste and flavor is. While people think that taste is all that matters, the truth is that we eat with our eyes. Evolutionary speaking, we are taught to reject foods that are aesthetically displeasing, as that means that it might be poisonous or dangerous for us to consume. That being said, it is often a deciding factor for a patron of a restaurant or a dinner guest at your home.
So how do you create a delicious and aesthetically pleasing experience for your guest? The answer is simple, and lies is what types of textural and visual elements you arrange on their meal plate. The easiest way to do so is with specialty produce.
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