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How to Enhance Your Dishes With Specialty Produce Such as Edible Candy Flowers

Edible rose petals

Plate presentation is a true artform, and is essential to the success of a dish — just as much as its taste and flavor is. While people think that taste is all that matters, the truth is that we eat with our eyes. Evolutionary speaking, we are taught to reject foods that are aesthetically displeasing, as that means that it might be poisonous or dangerous for us to consume. That being said, it is often a deciding factor for a patron of a restaurant or a dinner guest at your home.
So how do you create a delicious and aesthetically pleasing experience for your guest? The answer is simple, and lies is what types of textural and visual elements you arrange on their meal plate. The easiest way to do so is with specialty produce.
From microgreens to petite greens to edible candy flowers, there are a number of ways to bring the beautiful wow factor to your dishes. These specialty items offer a delicate, gorgeous appearance that is often vibrant in color. This will add visual appeal and flavor to almost any plate. Specialty produce farms offer a variety of unique items that can help to set you apart from other chefs:

Edible Candy Flowers
What’s more beautiful than a flower? Instead of piping a cloyingly sweet frosting rose on your birthday cake, instead try decorating it with a crystallized rose. This beautiful addition is a surefire way to impress the eyes and taste buds of any guest that feasts their eyes upon it.

Edible Leaves
Green leaves are the norm in the world of cuisine. Why not add some spunk to your salad. Using produce such as hearts on fire or ice buds, these beautiful creations can make any dish look spectacular and whimsical.

Does this post inspire you? There are so many ways to incorporate edible flowers and other interesting specialty produce into your dishes. The secret is to think outside of the dinner plate and to get creative. Once you try you’ll be surprised!

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