The Importance of the Wedding Brunch

Fathers day brunch

Spring is here and wedding season is upon us. Many people choose to get married during the spring months because it is not too hot or too cold. The flowers are beginning to bloom and it makes for beautiful scenery backgrounds. A lot goes into the wedding planning process, all of which is often unseen during the actual event. Guests simply show up, enjoy the ceremony, have dinner, celebrate and then go back to their hotel. They don?t see all of the planning, preparation and details that it took to pull off the entire event. Brides are constantly looking for unique wedding places to get married at and for unique ways to make their day different than anyone else?s. A great way to distinguish your wedding from others is to focus not only on the details of the big day, but also on the details of the entire weekend.

Many guests are involved in all of the wedding weekend events. A rehearsal dinner is often held the night before and sometimes some type of a lunch is held the day after, depending on if the bride and groom is still in town. A wedding brunch is a great way to extend the events of the weekend, and to begin to wind down after an exciting weekend. The wedding brunch also provides the close family and friend?s time alone with the bride and the groom. Things are often so overwhelming during the wedding that guests may not get enough time with them. Some guests are even coming in from out of state, and the wedding brunch is a great way to interact with these guests.

The Sunday brunch wedding brunch is also the perfect time to say goodbye to the bride and the groom as they head off to their honeymoon. In 2013, brides spent an average of $1,184 on their rehearsal dinners (up from $1,135 in 2012) and $457 on their morning after brunch (up from $429 in 2012). Compared to the entire weekend, the wedding brunch event is a very cost affordable option to continue the celebrations of the wedding. Brunch actually began in England and took over 30 years to catch on in the United States. Today, it has become a very popular meal for Americans. It makes the perfect meal for wedding guests as many of them were up late, and may not make it up in time for breakfast. Lunch is too late of a meal for many, making it the perfect balance of time for each guest.

Many wedding venues will also provide additional space for a wedding brunch. A golf course is a great option for a wedding brunch because it offers the guests great views with minimal planning and decorating. The bride and groom will be so exhausted from the events of the wedding that they are likely too tired to decorate for a brunch too. Some golf courses may even have holiday menus, different menus just for the guests. Another benefit to the golf course brunch is that guests who are golf enthusiasts can play a few rounds of golf following the event. A 175 pound man can burn 460 calories if he carries his clubs during an hour of play. On a nine hole course, he can end up walking almost 2.5 miles, making it a great and healthy event for the wedding guests.

Weddings are busy events for many families. They require the attendance to rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremony and reception and then the wedding brunch. However, the brunch is different from the other events in that they are a time to relax and wind down from the events of the weekend. They are a great time to visit with relatives from out of state and to provide a cost effective and relaxing events to prepare for life after the wedding event.

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