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6 Frozen Yogurt Combos for Indecisive Eaters


With more than 2,500 frozen yogurt shops, chances are you’ll never be too far from one this summer. That’s great news for frozen dessert lovers (9 out of 10 households will admit to eating it on the reg), but it might be nerve-wracking for we sweets-loving fiends who can never make up our minds about just one thing at a time.

Frozen yogurt shops are both the best and worst places for indecisive eaters. The dizzying array of fro-yo flavors and toppings alike is a buffet dream come true. Chocolatey, fruity, creamy, crunchy, sweet, salty… Like Pokemon, you might feel like you’ve gotta catch ’em all. Inevitably, though, your yogurt cups end up tasting like a random pile of flavors every time — delicious, but unorganized.

Slow down, child. There will be enough chances in your sweet summer to taste all of the rainbow, but you can savor them one at a time. Here, let’s run through some excellent tried-and-true combos that will suit any tasting spoon.

The All-American
Say it with me: Vanilla is not plain. It’s also still America’s favorite flavor. The most classic celebration of summer involves a vanilla frozen yogurt base and simple fresh fruit, like seasonal strawberries or blueberries, on top. Add just a splash of chocolate syrup if you’re feeling frisky.

Cool Mint
Ideal for hot, hot days when you need a refresher. Pair any mint-based yogurt with coconut, chocolate bits, and marshmallow creme. You’ll be walking on air.

The Elvis
Presley’s favorite sandwich was peanut butter and banana, a combo truly fit for a king (he only added bacon in those later years). Some yogurt shops will offer one of these as base flavors; top it with the other — or try chocolate, vanilla, or even coffee flavors on bottom.

Get your Caribbean vibes jammin’ with a south-of-the-border fruit base like mango, coconut, or pineapple. Then load it up with cereal and gummy bears, just because.

What’s summer without campfires? A cooler alternative to the classic melty snack: A cookie or graham cracker base flavor piled high with marshmallows and fudge. Now that’s intense.
Zen Out
Some days it’s too hot even for iced tea. Make it frozen with a green tea or early grey flavor, which pairs perfectly with granola, strawberries, and just a drizzle of honey.

There’s enough frozen yogurt combos out there to suit any mood, any weather, and every occasion all summer long. We just wish there were more summer days to enjoy them.

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