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Main Differences Between 3 Types of Frozen Treats

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It makes sense to feel confused about which desserts to include in your shop. There are a few sweet treats that tower above all others in regards to popularity. Many shops include ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato for their customers. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed when trying to explain the differences between treats your company carries. Here are the main differences between three popular types of frozen treats.

  1. Ice Cream

    Many frozen treat shops purchase many flavors of ice cream. Statistics show that 9% of all milk made by dairy farmers in the United States is used to make ice cream. One main difference between various desserts are the churning speeds. Ice cream is churned at a faster rate than gelato, giving it a thicker consistency. Statistics show that ice cream contains 50% higher air content after it has been churned.
  2. Frozen Yogurt

    Frozen yogurt is slightly different from the yogurt you’ll find in a grocery store. Many frozen yogurt batches are softer than ice cream. Frozen yogurt contains no cream which often leads to a lower calorie count when compared to other desserts. Many customers looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream and gelato will choose to purchase frozen yogurt.
  3. Gelato

    You’ll find that gelato is a dessert made with more milk than cream. Gelato usually contains between 3-8% fat from milk while 25-30% of this treat is air. The lower air content of Gelato partially contributes to what makes this dessert melt on the tongue quickly. It’s imperative that gelato is served at a slightly higher temperature than frozen yogurt and ice cream.

In summary, there are several differences between ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato. Ice cream contains an extremely high air content, partially due to higher churn speeds. You’ll find that ice cream tends to have a thicker consistency than frozen yogurt or gelato. Frozen yogurt typically has a lower calorie count than gelato and ice cream. Gelato is a dessert that has a lower air content, giving it much different consistency than ice cream or frozen yogurt. It’s important that gelato is stored at a slightly higher temperature than other frozen treats to prevent it from hardening. Many dessert shop owners implement a wide range of frozen treats for their customers to enjoy.

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