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The Trend of Craft Beers and Local Wines

Local beer

With so many liquor stores around the city, how can you increase your sales and create a demand? Owning a beer, liquor, and wine store can be extremely profitable, as long as you are aware of the best alcohol sales trends and keep up with wine store growing trends. These are some of the most important wine store considerations to keep in mind.

Craft beers are currently trending

People have recently moved away from large named beers. They are focused more on craft beers that are locally made. It is a good idea to begin networking with local breweries and wineries to supply some of the favorite local brands. Because not every wine store sells every local brand, consumers will travel far and wide to purchase their favorite. If you carefully choose which ones you will sell, you can significantly increase your beer brands sales.

Small and independent craft brewers now represent 12% market share of the overall beer industry. Failing to meet customer?s demand for craft beers can lose you many customers. Growlers are also popular when it comes to craft beers. Offering a growler fill station or growler sales of local craft beers is a great way to emerge into this newer market.

Offer beer and wine tasting

It might seem ridiculous to offer free samples to your customers when you are in the market for selling entire cases. However, customers want to try products before purchasing. The good thing about this selling method? If a consumer finds a product that they enjoy, they are willing to purchase it in large volumes. In 2015, craft brewers produced about 24.5 million barrels and saw a 13% rise in volume and a 16% increase in retail dollar value. The retail dollar value was estimated to be $22.3 billion, representing 21% market share. You can profit in this increasing market share by allowing customers to first sample the product in your wine store.

Offer multiple purchase sales

Bundling different wines or craft beers together can be a great way to increase sales. Younger drinkers are thirstier than older oenophiles, drinking an average of 3.1 glasses, compared to 2.4 for Gen Xers and 1.9 for boomers. When you combine different wines together, you are increasing the value of the purchase for these wine drinkers. In addition, you are also increasing your sales of wine purchases. This same sale method can also be used for beer sales. It can also help to break up the types. Instead of selling craft beers in a box, allow customers to choose beers by the can, creating their own sample box.

Sell only the highest quality

One of the biggest differences about today?s beer and wine drinkers is that they care more about quality than ever before. In fact, many are willing to pay more for a better tasting wine bottle or a unique box of craft beers. You can warrant increasing your prices for liquor sales, as long as you are selling the highest quality of products. It can also be helpful to create a quality impression of your wine store.

Beer and wine sales are consistently growing. Today?s generation of drinkers is drinking more than ever. However, they are demanding a higher quality of product that is also made locally. If you are wine store that is looking to grow with the times, it is important to focus on these aspects of beer and wine. Make connections with local breweries and wineries and demand a higher quality product. In return, you can increase your prices and create customer loyalty at the same time.

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