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4 Tips for Finding an Event Catering Service

Being placed in charge of getting things ready for an event is a very important job. Considering that, one of the most important choices you can make is in regards to catering. Statistics show that there are nearly 321,400 men and women working in the catering industry throughout the United States. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that you’ve selected good caterers. Here are four tips for finding the right catering service for an upcoming event.

  • Responsiveness is Extremely Important

    If you’re looking for a professional event catering service, consider their responsiveness. It’s understandable that popular catering companies are going to be busy. That being said, it’s comforting to know that your inquiries or concerns are being responded to in a timely manner. A catering company that is responsive in the beginning will likely extend this high level of service when the time of your event arrives.
  • Accommodations for Those with Food Allergies

    Another important factor in finding the right service is finding out what food catering menu options they’re able to offer. Considering that many guests are invited to large events, it’s important to be aware of anyone who may have severe food allergies. You’ll want to inform catering companies of accommodation requests for guests with food allergies as early as possible. This ensures they’re able to create a dinner catering menu that appeals to each event guest.
  • Wide Range of Food Options

    It’s important that event guests are able to have a wide selection of foods. If you’re really wanting to wow guests, find an event catering service offering seasonal menus. This helps to ensure that meals are prepared from foods that are in season and as fresh as possible. Many people work with event catering services that are able to offer menus tailored to specific events. For hosting work events, find a catering company that offers corporate menus. You wouldn’t want wedding themed foods at a work event.
  • Look for Featured Caterers

    You might still feel that you’re still narrowing down your caterer options. As this happens, consider looking for a cater that has been featured throughout your city or state. You can rarely go wrong by hiring an event catering service that is publicly recognized for the work that they do.

In closing, choosing the right catering company for an event is extremely important. You’ll want to ensure that you’re working with a responsive, accommodating, and recognized catering company. In addition, any good catering service should ensure that they’re compliant with the latest food safety laws. It’s important to contact a catering company in order to find out information suited to your upcoming event. If you want to take a lot of the hassle out of getting an event ready, contact a catering service.

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