Behind Premium Cocktails And Craft Beers

From premium cocktails to craft beer, there is no doubt about it that a drink after a long day of work and with a satisfying meal can be the perfect end to a day. Many people in the United States enjoy the casual drink, and even more so when they are out to eat. From local watering holes to fine dining restaurants, there are many places you can go to get a quality drink, from premium cocktails to a high quality glass of wine.

Craft beer in particular has become ever the more popular in the United States, with more craft beer bars than ever before and a total market worth of nearly twenty billion dollars in total. A craft beer is ideal to drink as a light refreshing beverage, as craft beers typically have a relatively low alcohol percentage per bottle, ranging from about five percent per bottle up to only ten percent a bottle at most. This means that drinking a craft beer with dinner is drinking a craft beer to best experience the flavor – to really enjoy it and savor it, as opposed to drinking it with the sole purpose of getting drunk. The same can be said of premium cocktails, though premium cocktails are likely to have higher alcohol content. But because premium cocktails are typically made to be an interesting and often highly satisfying flavor experience, they are often drunk more for the flavor of the alcohol and the surrounding ingredients than the effects of the alcohol itself.

Many people enjoy drinking craft beers as well as premium cocktails because it gives them the opportunity to explore something new, whether they are out at the local pubs or finding food in a metropolitan area. In fact, more than ninety percent of all surveyed beer drinkers in the United States who primarily drink imported beers said that they enjoyed the experience of finding new and exciting beers, primarily craft beers, to experiment and try. Domestic beer drinkers and craft beer drinkers were also likely to enjoy the experience of finding and trying new beers, with more than eighty percent of each type of beer drinking enjoying the experience of trying and appreciating new good craft beers.

If you are going to a restaurant it is likely that you will base your drink, which is likely to range from premium cocktails to a craft beer or even a glass of wine, based on what food you choose to order. Premium cocktails may go well with a hearty dish of pasta, while a craft beer is likely to be paired with a burger. Burgers are a popular pub food option, with many Americans professing a deep love for a burger cooked just right and to their specifications. The average American resident is likely to eat a burger at least four times a month, if not more frequently. When broken down, it has been found that typical burger consumption includes at least one burger per week – and some people eat burgers far more frequently. Burgers, often served with fries, are a perfect treat for the weekend or even just after a day of work, and are often even better when accompanied with drinks like premium cocktails or, more likely, an ice cold craft beer.

From premium cocktails to craft beer to wine, there are many different types of popular alcoholic beverages all throughout the United States. Though most people tend to prefer one type of alcoholic beverage over all others, many recognize that the type of alcoholic beverage that you order is often likely to depend on the situation. For instance, premium cocktails might be the first choice for a night out on the town. A craft beer, on the other hand, will pair particularly nicely with pub food like burgers and fries. And wine, also a beloved beverage, is likely to be drunk in the comforts of your home as a way to unwind after a long day. Splitting a bottle of wine can be a great way to enjoy some quality time with friends and loved ones, particularly on low key weekend nights.

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