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A Good Coffee Maker Can Boost Office Work

Coffee is the energizing drink of choice for modern adults in many parts of the world. This caffeinated brew, made of ground coffee beans, gets the drinker energized within an hour and can boost productivity and brain power. In fact, the FDA has shown that once drunk, coffee’s caffeine gets absorbed into your body and will boost the brain’s energy levels, and even increase concentration and memory retention. All this points to improved cognitive performance, and many adults take advantage of this magic brew. 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink it every day, and this drink has found its way into the office. 46% of workers in the U.S. say that coffee helps them keep working productively during the day. It is clear that coffee is a major boost, and today’s office workers often reach for a fresh cup to get a power boost. A commercial coffee maker is a good option, and to get coffee at the office conveniently, one can turn to an office coffee vendor.

Why Coffee?

Aside from the energy boost, coffee can act as a social networking booster at the office. A commercial coffee maker provides a place for people to gather and chat and share ideas and get along over a cup of hot drink, and in Sweden, this phenomenon is called “Fika,” according to Market Inspector. This networking can allow drinkers together to come up with new business ideas and foster friendships.

Contacting an office coffee vendor means buying one or two coffee makers, and they will often be installed for free. According to Cafe Altura, once an office coffee vendor has set up the equipment, there are rules of etiquette to follow. Everyone shares the coffee machine and its products, so it is advisable for employees at the office to clean up their own spills and waste, such as empty sugar packets or loose grounds to keep the space clean and nice-looking. Also, whomever arrives at the office first is advised to make the first pot, and over the course of the day, anyone who finds an empty pot should prepare a fresh one, since waiting for someone else to do it wastes time. Anyone can handle preparing a new pot, after all. Another idea is to buy one machine for caffeinated coffee and one for decaf from a chosen office coffee vendor, so employees have a choice on what to drink. Of course, this means it is also important to keep the machines and their products clearly labeled and distinct, so everyone gets the drink that they want.

An office coffee vendor can set up the equipment and sell the coffee beans and other products to the workplace, but the company’s budget might not cover such things. So, employees can share a collection jar, where loose change and small bills can be added by anyone and everyone to save for fresh supplies, not unlike a pizza jar. Aside from that, employees can also save up for related snacks such as scones and muffins of any type, and even complimentary drinks such as tea, if enough co-workers are interested.

The office does not have to serve the same plain black coffee year-round. An office coffee vendor may or may not offer more exotic options, so the co-workers at an office can opt for seasonal coffee flavors and accessories for summer, winter, and autumn. Caramel apple and maple coffee are some autumn options, and a white minty latte or spicy Chile mocha could be served during winter. Iced coffee, if the office’s machine will make it, is an option for summer drinking, or even a chocolate coffee smoothie, if supplies permit.

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