Food Magazine 64 ounce growler,Growler beer,Growler pressure cap Beer Drinking Continues to be a Favorite Past Time for Many Americans

Beer Drinking Continues to be a Favorite Past Time for Many Americans

As it turns out, your youngest son’s 21st birthday coincides with the opening of your new sports bar. It has been a dream of yours for years. In fact, both you and your husband have been saving and making plans for this new business adventure for the length of your marriage. The fact that your son’s birthday can help you celebrate the opening of the new place can help you make sure that this is a night to remember.

With custom designed vacuum sealed growlers to commemorate the night and the event, you are determined to find a safe way to help your son celebrate this special birthday and for you to help your customers remember their new most favorite sports bar. Offering the growlers for sale after that first night should also serve as a way to make sure that customers who were not able to make it in on that first night can also feel a part of the place.

Insulated Beer Growlers Are a Great Way to Help Celebrate a Special Event

Whether you are opening a new sports bar or hosting an annual Taco Run, many of your participants want a way to remember your event. And whether you are offering vacuum sealed growlers to the first 1000 customers or you are going to make the growlers available for purchase, there are few beer drinking gifts that are more popular.

Consider some of these statistics about the latest surge in custom breweries, sports bars, and other venues that feature local beers on tap to an eager audience of customers looking for a place to gather with friends and family:

  • 84% of craft beer consumers like to choose their beer depending on the season.
  • The number of operating breweries in the U.S. in 2015 grew 15%, totaling 4,269 breweries. Research indicates that this is the most at any time in American history.
  • 14% of Americans indicate that they drink beer once a week.
  • American consumers 21 years and older drank 27.5 gallons of beer and cider per person during the year 2015.
  • 85% of all beer in the U.S. in 2015 was domestically produced.
  • 43% of legal drinkers prefer beer over wine and spirits, according to a 2016 Gallup poll.

Finding a way to celebrate your 21st birthday requires a little bit of planning. You want to have a plan for the places that you want to visit, you want to have enough designated drivers to make sure that everyone gets home safely, and you might even want a customized vacuum sealed growler to commemorate the event.

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