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Catering for All Events in Austin TX

Catering in austin texas

Many people think of caterers for things like weddings and large corporate events, but Catering Austin Texas can work for all manner of events. No matter if your guest list is for just a few guests or several hundred, caterers Austin Texas can make a custom menu for cocktail parties, showers, birthdays, anniversary parties, open houses, backyard barbecues and any event where you want to serve food. By working with caterers austin tx you, the host, will be able to have a stress free party.

There are many types of service offered by catering austin texas companies. On premises catering means that chiefs and staff create the food to be served in a facility on site. On premises catering can mean that staff bring all the food and supplies to your kitchen and prepares the food there or if you are using catering in Austin Texas from the kitchen of your venue. An example of this would be getting married at a golf course and using the restaurant as your caterer. Off premises caterers will prepare the food to be served in their own facilities and transport it, ready to serve, to the location of your party. The last type of catering austin texas is box lunch or tray catering. Box lunches and tray catering may be done from many caterers, restaurants and even super markets. Prepared food is packaged and ready to put out by the party or event host.

Catering has become a popular way to feed party goers. In 2011, nearly 20 percent of catering Austin Texas surveyed said that clients were increasing their food budgets. A marked increase from the less than one percent who were increasing budgets in 2009. Many people who open catering Austin Texas companies have a passion for cooking, like to be creative, and enjoy interacting with people. Catering is hard work for those involved in the industry, the average catering business owner works 59 hours a week.

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