Drop The Bland Flour Tortilla For The Delicious Corn Tortilla

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It is hard to argue against Mexican food being one of the most popular cuisines in the United States. In fact, one in 10 restaurants in the United States, that are not even primarily Mexican, sell some sort of Mexican food. In fact, 67,391 of those restaurants at least serve burritos. Not convinced? Mexican food champions 42 percent of the shares on ethnic food sales in just the United States. This continues its ethnic reign as the most popular food. Its tasty reign even continues in the homes of Americans with 71.08 percent of United States citizens preparing Mexican foods and using popular Mexican ingredients.

It is because of this that local Mexican restaurants spring up, seemingly, overnight. Just as of 2011, Mexican restaurants have spread their popularity by erecting 38,000 restaurants, some of which may be familiar to you or they happen to be local Mexican restaurants.

Flour Tortilla VS Corn Tortilla

Short story first, flour tortillas are made with flour and corn tortillas are made with corn. Flour tortillas can be found all over the United States but most commonly found near the border of Mexico where it touches the United States. They are typically bigger and stronger than a corn tortilla, good luck finding one if or when you visit Mexico.

Corn tortillas, on the other hand, are commonplace in Mexico. Go to a restaurant and chances are very good, nearly 100 percent, that the tortillas served will be corn. That is because flour tortillas are not native to Mexico and do not hold the same traditional standards as a delicious corn tortilla does.

Have you had an authentic Mexican meal?

Speaking of tortillas, have you ever gone to an “authentic” Mexican restaurant, ordered a meal with a corn tortilla and was told they were not gluten free? Then that is not an authentic restaurant. Corn tortillas are gluten free by nature. If they are not, then somewhere along the line flour was added. Tsk, tsk! Another strike if they don’t even serve corn tortillas at all.

Another red flag if the Mexican restaurant is trying too hard on decorations. If you see pinatas and sombreros at every corner and walls of the restaurant, then someone read a big book of exaggerated stereotypes and it is time to pack up and try a real Mexican restaurant. A Mexican restaurant is going to feel like you are having a meal at someone’s house. As it should!

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