Ensuring Proper Restaurant Sanitization

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A common concern among restaurant goers is the sanitization of their food and the cooking conditions. This is a viable concern, as hundreds of people are affected with food poisoning from poorly cooked or incorrectly handled food products. Most states and cities have random health safety inspections, which require the business owner to make safer changes. In some states, the restaurant may be rated on their food health standards. However, sometimes things get past the inspection or may not be noticed. A restaurant business owner needs to take the importance of the customer?s healthy and safety into their own hands, taking any necessary precautions to prevent food borne illnesses.

There are many ways that a restaurant business owner can improve and ensure the safety of their customer?s in regard to food and food handling conditions. There are a variety of ways to provide the safest and healthiest eating experience for all customers, ensuring that they will return again in the future. The U.S. food and beverage industry?s average sales between 2012 and 2013 experienced a 13% increase, and a 17% increase in average net profits. Public restaurants will always be around, and there will always be another business to take your place if you do not put the customer?s health first.

Follow all food and health department rules. This seems like an obvious one, yet many restaurants attempt to get around state and city food regulations. They may do it to save money or to make a food item quicker. However, if a customer gets ill or if you are faced with a fine, or even shut down, you will quickly learn that it is simply not worth the few cents saved or the few seconds that were saved.

Train all employees properly. A lot of the problems that health department inspections find are from a lack of proper training. An employee may not be aware that they are making a food storage or food contamination mistake. Misinformation will not prevent your restaurant from being fined, or shut down. It is the restaurant owner?s responsibility to properly train all employees who will be handling food and drink and serving it to the customers.

Clean every night and do routine extensive cleanings. There are some things that need to be cleaned every night. The tables, floors, and industrial barrel pump for drinks should be cleaned every night, after close. You will want sanitary beverage pump to pump drinks to customers once you open in the morning. More extensive of cleaning should be done weekly, at a minimum. The more extensive cleaning process can be done by staff during closed or slow business hours, or by a professional cleaning company that will focus on things like the chemical drum pump tubes. The chemical drum pump tubes are what transports drinks from the barrel into the cup.

Clean up any messes, immediately. Messes that are not cleaned up immediately or food spills are another common cause of foodborne illnesses. Raw foods that are dropped and not properly cleaned can contaminate other parts of the kitchen and the drink areas. Also, cleaning up a mess and then not washing hands can transfer food germs to other areas of the restaurant, such as the chemical drum pump tubes, which should only be handled with clean and sanitized hands. The sanitary pump will prevent any illnesses from drinks.

Some restaurant business owners may overlook their electric drum pump and their need for sanitization. Restaurant employees may quickly change the chemical drum pump tubes after handling food. This can be a huge problem, because all of the drinks that are now served from that dump pump are now contaminated. The drum pump should always be a sanitary drum pump.

Restaurants can be fined or even closed down for lack of following health and safety standards. A restaurant?s priority needs to be the safety of the food that they are serving. There are some parts of a restaurant that may go overlooked during busy times or during quick inspections. A restaurant that wants to remain successful should ensure that every part of their business is thoroughly cleaned.

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