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How Do You Clean Out a Grease Trap?

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A grease trap is critical to a property’s plumbing system, so it’s essential you care for yours properly. It is designed to prevent clogging and other plumbing problems that could be costly for a property owner. As the YouTube video “DIRTY JOBS How to Clean out a Grease Trap Restaurant Food Video on What an Interceptor Looks Like” highlights, every property owner should know how to clean a grease trap properly.

The Importance of Proper Grease Trap Maintenance

A grease trap is a receptacle that collects fat, oils, and grease, also known as FOG in the industry. It allows waste water to pass through the drainage system but prevents the FOG from entering.

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It is crucial to use a grease trap cleaner designed to improve the performance of a grease trap and reduce the frequency of maintenance or servicing.

The grease trap needs to be cleaned regularly. Improper maintenance can lead to build-up, which leads to FOG leaking into the drainage system. This will have a domino effect as it may cause blockages of the drainage system, overflow, or clogging. To prevent this from happening, each property owner should employ a regular maintenance plan that ensures proper cleaning of the grease trap.


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