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Micro Greens are a Great Way to Add Flavor to Any Dish

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Of all the garnishes and complements to a dish, micro greens may be the most interesting. Pungent and fresh, micro greens can add flavor and visual appeal to any dish. Despite their short growing time, they are also very difficult to grow. These factors make micro greens not just tasty, but also a bit mysterious as well.

Humans have always found micro greens to be tasty. After the Boston Tea Party of 1773 caused a tea shortage, many colonists used bee balm flower petals as a substitute. In the centuries before or since, cooks have always used micro greens for their fresh appearance, vibrant taste and delicate texture. Vibrant crystals, flower crystals, sugar flowers, and other micro greens have been used in food for a very long time. In fact, edible flowers can be added to salads, desserts, soups, seafood, and other dishes to add visual appeal.

Micro greens are wide spread because they are adaptable to many climates and soils. Many can be grown and then replanted in something other than soil, such as peat moss. Most microgreens can also grow in only one to two weeks, although some may take four to six weeks.

Of course, the hardiness of micro greens should not suggest that micro herbs are easy to grow. In fact, they are very easy to kill without proper attention and specialized knowledge. That said, they can adapt to many different soil conditions, given that a grower is knowledgeable about micro green horticulture. That said, a good grower can provide anyone with a tasty snack, and add visual appeal to any dish.

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