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Popular Irish Foods to Consider Trying

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Are you curious about Irish cuisine? There are several incredibly popular foods that you can try, in fact, many Irish pubs will offer these at their establishment. Let’s continue with some of the most popular dishes you have to try.

Soda bread is a delicious option for many. Many families have their own recipe for soda break, which is typically hand-written on flour-crusted note paper and wedged between cookbooks.

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Some like this dish sweet, with a spoonful of honey sugar or dried fruits.

Another popular dish that your local Irish pubs may serve is colcannon and champ. When potatoes were introduced to Ireland in the 16th century, it transformed their diet, causing their population to boom. Colcannon is a mash of potatoes, cabbage or kale, butter or cream, all flavored with spring onions. Champ is another mashed potato favorite, flavored with spring onions, milk, and butter.

Boxty is an Irish dish that is adored by the population. This can be described as potato fumbling, potato pancake, and potato bread. It’s made with raw potato that is mixed with flour and salt, and boiled before being fried in butter.

These are just a few popular dishes that you can consider trying. View the video linked to learn more about these popular dishes and how you can try them for yourself.

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