Several Trends Among Canadian Restaurants

Falafels toronto

Did you know that Middle Eastern food is a healthy choice? Ingredients like butter and lard are uncommon to Middle Eastern dishes. In addition to that, when it comes to Lebanese food in Toronto, few dishes are fried, with cooks preferring grilling and baking instead. It also has a lot of vegetarian options for people who do not want to, or wish to eat less of, meat.

Canadians are especially known for their willingness to try international cuisines. What are several trends in the Canadian restaurant industry right now?

First, greek yogurt is huge right now, and that does not go just for Canada. Greek yogurt has, for a long time, been an ingredient of tzatziki, which is a common ingredient of falafels Toronto. Falafels are an example of Lebanese food in Toronto.

Another trend is ancient grains, such as quinoa. Ancient grains can make interesting addition to plates since they are unique in texture and tend to be high in protein, and lower in carbs than some more, per sae, modern grains.

Food trucks are a huge trend right now, and are a popular way to grab a bite to eat during the work week. It is possible to get Lebanese food in toronto from a food truck. Many restaurants have food truck versions of their establishments.

Gluten free is becoming a big thing, far different from ten years ago where most people would not have understand what gluten even was, much less how to avoid it. Tons of restaurants are catering to this, especially since many people are adopting gluten free diets as a way to lose weight.

Non wheat noodles are popular, and this is usually Japanese type noodles like soba, or Vietnamese pho. These noodles are usually made out of rice instead, and can add nice flavor to otherwise traditional dishes. They are also becoming popular in restaurants as something to put into soup to give it a bit of weight.

Lebanese restaurants in toronto are becoming a new way to enjoy Middle Eastern food in Toronto. Lebanese specialties include tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, fried eggplant, tahini, baba ghanouj, and one fairly well known favorite, baklava desserts. Bread is important and can be used like a fork with many dishes. A lot of people enjoy Lebanese food in Toronto because it is such an easy way to get popular Middle Eastern dishes.

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