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The 7 Benefits to Using Food Metal Detectors to Keep Food Safe

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If you are in the food production business, you know how important it is to inspect your products. Food safety is a big concern all over the planet. In the United Sates, more than 48 million people are made sick by food borne pathogens. That translates to one in six. More than 128,000 people are forces to go to the hospital and about three thousand die. Metal contaminants can also cause problems. Food metal detectors can be instrumental in finding these contaminants so you do not pass them along to your customers. They can detect several kinds of metal in food products. Those are stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous items.

If you currently use other equipment to screen your food, there are some good reasons to consider switching to food metal detectors to keep your customers safe and maintain the integrity of your brand.

  1. You can use these at ant point in your production process. When you have x-ray inspection for food installed, you can run your items through at any stage of your production process. This can help you discover where certain problems are in your production system. You can perform inspections on food both before and after it has been processed and packaged. The technology works well on both raw and cooked food items. Moreover, you can add x-ray machines for food inspection to your production line without impacting the other machines that are already in use.
  2. You can get these set up on your own. A lot of equipment that is used to keep food safe and free of contamination needs a specialist to install it and then properly calibrate it for the tasks at hand. This is not the case when it comes to food metal detectors. They have digital displays and interfaces that can be put in place immediately.
  3. They can be used for a wide range of food products. If you produce a number of different kinds of products ranging from seafood to dairy products to dry goods or beverages, you can use x-ray food inspection technology to keep your products healthy and safe.
  4. These machines save time and work. The manual food inspection process is long and tedious. By contrast, running your food products through food metal detectors is fast and efficient. Your workers can keep their focus on other aspects of their job without you having to sacrifice quality and safety in the products you make. This will cut down on your operating expenses and improve your bottom line. The x-ray food inspection systems are very user friendly and here is practically no training needed.
  5. They help you maintain the integrity of your brand. You need to keep the quality of your products up at the level your customers expect. When you put food metal detectors in to your production line, you can insure that your products will meet your high standards. These systems are able to identify most problems with food products, giving you the ability to prevent them from reaching the customer. This is crucial for maintaining your brand integrity. When customers receive goods that have metal or bones when these things are not expected, .you can bet they will tell the people they know and your brand will suffer.
  6. X-ray technology can detect other problems in your food products. These include:
    • Plastic or rubber pieces.
    • The wrong fill level in packaging.
    • Seals that are missing or otherwise compromised.
    • Air pockets.
    • Problems with your products being mixed together improperly.
  7. They can help prevent recalls. Recalls are expensive for a few reasons. The recalls themselves cost a lot but, for the bigger picture, they hurt your company’s reputation. Whenever a large scale recall of food products is needed, and they are less rare than many people understand, the brands doing the recall suffer for a longer period of time. The problem is that these recalls hurt the way consumer trust the brand. The best way to protect your brand is to maintain high quality standards and food metal detectors can help a lot with that.

As a producer of food products, you have a responsibility to make safe food. Using food metal detectors can help you reach that goal easily.

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