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The Finest Accessories for Your Coffee

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Today, coffee ranks among the most popular drinks in the entire world, along with tea, beer, and plain water. This leads to an enormous market for coffee and its accessories, ranging from white paper cups and plastic lids to coffee stirrers (wooden sticks), sugar and cream packets, custom lids for paper coffee cups, bags of beans, and more. All sorts of ingredients go into someone’s cup of joe, whether grounds, freshly ground-up beans, sugar or cream, or other, more exotic ingredients. Today’s American coffee drinkers can get a fine cup of coffee from any number of large or small coffee shops alike, and a lot of coffee is consumed on the go. Products such as those paper cups, coffee stirrers, and more are used for that very purpose, and many coffee shops are prepare for their customers to take their drinks to go. What is there to know about the coffee industry today, from bean bags to coffee stirrers?

The Modern Coffee Market

This beverage is consumed generously around the world, but the United States in particular stand as a large market for this drink. In fact, for a recent example, the United States imported nearly 27.5 million coffee bags in 2014. This account for nearly 25% of the entire world’s un-roasted coffee imports, making the U.S. the world’s single largest coffee importer of all. This makes for a huge industry, and the American coffee market has a value of $48 billion, with specialty drinks making up a large share of that value. While major and well-known coffee chains sell a lot of this drink, all the independent coffee shops combined make up an impressive share of coffee sales, too. A small, independent coffee shop won’t have the sheer sales of a large chain, but small shops may be loved for their convenient location, home-like atmosphere, and unique ingredients or accessories that they offer. All together, independent coffee shops sell around $12 billion in products every year.

Who is drinking all this coffee, and buying products such as bean bags and coffee stirrers? Many people, that is. Nearly half of the American population, around 150 million people, are known to drink coffee, and 30% of the population drinks coffee at least occasionally. The national average amount of coffee consumed per day stands at 1.64 cups per person, but among dedicated coffee drinkers, the average is in fact closer to 3.1 cups per day. Most often, this coffee is being consumed in the morning hours, since coffee is a stimulant due to caffeine. Around 65% of all coffee is drank during the breakfast and morning hours, with 30% consumed during other meals and only 5% or so being consumed in between meals. Around 35% of Americans drink their coffee black, or plain, while the rest like to add sugar or coffee to their drink for flavor.

Products for Coffee

Coffee is more than the drink in a cup; it’s also how a person prepares their drink. For many working Americans, the morning is a busy time, and coffee may be bought in disposable vessels such as white paper cups. These cups may come with other accessories too, such as a cardboard sleeve to protect the consumer’s hands from the coffee-heated paper. A plastic lid (with a slot for drinking) can both contain the coffee’s heat and also prevent spills. Plastic of wooden coffee stirrers can be used to mix in sugar or cream as desired, and all these products together make for a convenient way to drink on the go. Coffee can be drank while walking, or even on board a taxi, bus, or subway in these disposable cups. Later, the coffee cups can be discarded.

At the office, the break room may be home to a coffee maker. Co-workers can rotate responsibility for buying bags of grounds, paper cups, coffee stirrers, sugar packets, and more, and anyone who finds an empty pot is advised to prepare a fresh pot of coffee. Co-workers are also advised to clean up the coffee station of all spills or trash, and generally keep the space clear for others’ convenience and ease of use. All of this can make for a fine way to get energizing cups of coffee at the office with minimal hassle.

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