The Secret Life of Your Bag of Chips

Thermoform packaging

Let’s face it, technology has made or modern American life easier and in many ways quite amazing. We have all probably heard the stories from our grandparents about walking to school in ten feet of snow, or having to wake up before the sun in order to get milk from a cow or from the stream, while in many ways these stories are tale tales used in order to emphasize how easy things are for us in the 21st century there is some truth to it.ore than ever, especially if you live in a big city, your barely have to leave your home, much less your couch in order to have every need delivered right to your home. With certain services this can happen in a matter of hours. If you were to ask a person born after 1995, they probably wouldn’t understand the premise behind ordering a product and having to wait a number of weeks before it arrived. While these modern advances are amazing sometimes it is important to take sometime and reflect on how far technology has taken us. Below You will find some information about something that you might tend to push out of your mind, modern food packaging.

What Happened to Our Modern Sense of Wonder

Many times we take the little things that make our lives for granted. Imagine a the awe of a person driving a horse and buggy witnessing their first car, or imagine a young child seeing their first airplane taking off. With the hurry and go nature of modern life we don’t take time to stand in awe of the technology that makes or day to day lives so much easier than they were in the past. Long gone are the days of working on the farm to make a life for ourselves with food, our modern life is prepackaged and even at times shipped directly to our doorstep. With all the progress we have made as a society sometimes it is important to step back, if not in awe at least appreciation. For example, the next time you have a bag of chips or popcorn think about the process that was involved in the packaging of that snack.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines and the Modern Food Sealing Machines

We all know that our foods go through rigorous standards here in the united states,. These check safes, such as food grading and x-ray inspection prevent us from being exposed to dangerous pathogens and other food impurities. What you may not know is how your food is being packaged and sealed. The answer may come as surprise to you. While we are probably all very familiar with shrink bags and vacuum pouches, the technology of vertical form fill seal machines may not be a well known. Vertical form fill seal machines make it easy to automate the filling of large containers. Aside from your bag of chips or your pouch of popcorn vertical form fill seal machines can also fill larger bags, bags the weigh in excess of 75 to 100 pounds. Imagine a long a assembly line of upright bags being filled in a matter of seconds. Now flashback to the olden days of tons of workers standing in a line with scoops shoveling in pounds and pounds of products into containers by hand. Think about how tired your hand becomes after just an hour of shoveling snow or after a couple of hours of playing video games. With filling technology a lot of the strain and inefficiency of the old ways of packaging are reduced. Not only is it a faster method, but it also insure consistent quality of product.

The Next time you are enjoying your favorite snack or even just going through the supermarket take some time to really look and wonder about how the products got to the store. Then take some time to think about how they got into the package and after that how they started their journey to your home.

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