Sustainable Food Packaging on the Rise

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One study found that 52 percent of people around the world make purchasing decisions based on environmental packaging decisions a company makes. Recent years have shown that consumers want to purchase from a company that cares about their environmental impact. Many businesses produce millions of prepackaged products each year. Therefore, minimizing waste elements of production is essential. In this post, you’ll learn more about current packaging efforts made to increase sustainability. It’s important to know how these changes face companies using pouch filling machines.

Younger Generations Leading the Charge for Sustainability

Research shows that packaging experts estimate each pound of plastic packaging that is created reduces food waste by 1.7 pounds. Studies show that younger shoppers base part of their brand loyalty on how environmentally friendly a company is. Pouch

A business owner wants to create sustainable products while also keeping profit margins in mind. Businesses must maintain a steady profit. Certain companies are currently working to ensure production stays high while costs stay low through their research. Sustainability remains important for multiple reasons it saves the environment and the customer. Research shows that nearly 48 million people become ill from foodborne related diseases.

Adapting Sustainable Methods Proves Challenging

One early problem with sustainable packaging was the cost of materials. Efforts to include seaweed and other biodegradable materials sounds great on paper. However, certain companies found that the cost of producing these materials was too high. In addition, it could be difficult for food packaging machines to work with mushrooms over more common choices like plastic.

The future of sustainable mass produced packaging certainly is far from doomed. Efforts are being made to create a NaturALL bottle. This new type of bottle would be made from sustainable materials from wood, including sawdust. It might sound odd but current efforts seem to be going well. It appears that this bottle could start being produced as early as 2020.

Not all companies are quite ready to adopt these sustainability initiatives. One problem continues to be the cost of materials associated with production. Many companies are used to the standard cost of plastic materials. For instance, companies sending their product out in pouches may have difficulties finding pouch filling machines that can create wooden pouches.

Certain efforts made to reduce the effects of plastics have been made in recent years. You’ve likely seen containers using less plastic or less included removable packaging. It’s common for companies to make it a point to include this information on labels when this occurs. Another hurdle is the customer lack of familiarity with drinking out of an entirely new type of container.

In closing, public opinion certainly shows that environmentally friendly packaging is a major purchasing concern. There is slight opposition from companies that face difficulties with producing these new types of containers. Pouch filling machines may have difficulty working these new forms of sustainable materials. Staying sustainable is important for companies as well as the planet. Currently, companies are hard at work to make sustainable packaging while still being profitable a reality. Having easy ways to provide sustainability and profit will keep partnerships with both companies and suppliers in great shape. For more about this, go here.

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