The Wonderful World of Soybeans

Chocolate covered soy nuts

Eating healthy does not have to taste like eating healthy. Not with so many fantastic soybean snacks and soybean recipes to choose from. Just munching a handful of chocolate covered soy nuts whenever the munchies hit can be a delicious way to boost your isoflavones, which may not only help to reduce your chances of cardiovascular disease but also reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.

Soybeans come from Asia, where they have been consumed for centuries. Soy nuts nutritional value, especially the protein, is every bit as useful to our bodies as that of eggs, milk, and meat, and often with many more beneficial side effects. For example, Asian women, who consume an average of 50 mg of soy isoflavones every day, have one fifth as many occurrences of breast cancer as Western women.

And if the health benefits are not enough to convince you, just look online for the huge variety of delicious soybean recipes available. Everything from African peanut stew to chocolate covered soybeans, all easy to make and pleasing to the palette. Find others who share your passion for healthy and happy eating, and swap soybean recipes with the always growing community of online chefs. Investigate the surprising number of ways you can substitute soybeans for other foods to boost the nutritional value of meals your family already knows and loves.

Learn the secret that Asian women have used for centuries to keep themselves healthier, happier, and heartier, and enjoying every moment life has to offer.

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