Tips for Planning a Fabulous Beach Wedding

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Few things can match the romantic feel of a wedding on a beach. Nearly 35% of couples have outdoor weddings making them very popular events. Because so many couples prefer to have their ceremony and receptions outside, it is possible to rent everything to have a spectacular beach wedding. When you start planning your beach wedding, there are some things you can do to make it really special. From looking at the Chiavari chair rental price to having a plan B for your day, there are things you can do to make your day great for everyone.

Tips for Planning a Great Beach Wedding:

  1. Have a plan B. Even if you do not need to use it, you will experience less stress if you have a rain option. You can put up a tent on the beach or make arrangements for your ceremony to be held at an indoor location should the weather decide to not cooperate with your wedding plans.
  2. Put up a tent. Even if it does not rain, having some shade for your guests can be a great thing. This can make everyone more comfortable. This can also provide a good focal point. You can decorate the tent the way you would any indoor space with flowers and other accoutrements. Keep in mind that these take about four hours to put up so factor that into your set up time.
  3. How big is your wedding party? If you only plan to have a few people attend your beach wedding you can get away with having everyone stand. If you expect 20 or more people, you should plan for people to be seated. In the case of the latter, make sure you get quotes for the Chiavari chair rental price. Most business that specialize in party rental equipment can help you get your seating done. They can also help with your party rental setup (if you need it). There are about 136 wedding guests at the typical wedding so you will most likely have to factor in the Chiavari chair rental price to your wedding costs.
  4. Plan for audio. The sound of the water crashing on the beach is soothing and relaxing but if you want your guests to hear your vows over the din of the beach, you will make arrangements for a sound system. Most companies that deal with party rentals can help with this. You can use wireless microphones for the ceremony.
  5. Dress for the beach. Your wedding dress should be made to reflect the fact that you are going to be on the beach. If you are setting up a set walkway, you can wear shoes that work with that. If you are planning to walk directly on the sand, you need to get shoes that work for that. Another option is to go barefoot. Some beach weddings include a “shoe valet” for their guests. Many people find the feel of sand in their feet to be very relaxing so you may want to take that into consideration. Let your guests know this will be a beach wedding so they can dress appropriately for the occasion.
  6. Check on permits. Some beaches require you to have a permit for certain sized events. For example, if you are just gathering and not setting up furniture (which will save you the Chiavari chair rental price, for example), you may not need a permit. If you plan to set up a processional area, you may need something more official.
  7. Timing is everything. If you are having your wedding on an East Coast beach, you may want to make it a morning wedding so that the sunrise is a part of your ceremony. If you are planning a West Coast wedding, sunset may be a great time as well. Public beaches are just that and unless you want to have everyone take part in your special day, you may want to time your ceremony for when there are not as many people on the beach.

Beach weddings are very romantic. There is something very relaxing about the beach itself. The water crashing on the sand and the smell of the water all make for a great atmosphere.

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