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Why Food Magazines are Popular

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If you ever wonder what some of the most popular magazines are today, food magazines almost always win. Many Americans subscribe to a food magazine online or in print. Others simply buy them at the grocery store, book store or at the news agent. But why are food magazines so popular in the first place? One reason for the popularity of food magazines is that they are a gathering place. Another is because food magazines online and elsewhere are often the only exposure a given American has to a culture.

The first reason food magazines are popular is because they are a gathering place of food ideas and celebrities. Celebrity chefs such as Paula Dean and Mario Batali regularly grace the pages of the top food magazines in the nation. These chefs display their mouthwatering creations in front of every one, and a magazine is the best outlet for doing this. Sometimes, food magazines also cater to those interested in alternative forms of eating. For instance, there are several magazines that cater to vegetarians, others that cater to barbecue, and still others for Sichuan cuisine.

These magazines are also important because they are often the only exposure to other cultures that Americans have. Far from a lack of desire to travel, many Americans simply do not have the time or the money to travel. As such, they rely on food to help them travel. Americans may not want to adopt Mongolian dress or Mongolian religion, but they are often interested in adopting Mongolian food. The same goes for any nation.

Online food magazines and the like are a great way for foodies to connect with great chefs and each other. So if you are a foodie, crack a magazine open. Not only does it expose you to great ideas, but it whisks you oaway to a different culture.

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