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A couples big day is a once in a lifetime affair. With the 2.5 million weddings performed in the United States every year, the wedding industry is booming. The wedding industry is valued at 40 billion dollars annually. Just because weddings have become such a big business, does not mean that couples cannot get individual attention. Around half of a couples budget will be spent on the reception, and catering Cambridge experts will help couples craft a night to remember without putting them in staggering debt.

Wedding catering stamford can help clients craft unique global affairs with nods to important dates, places or cultural ancestry of the couple. In ancient Rome, brides would carry bouquets of wheat, myrtle and rosemary. The wheat symbolized fertility, the rosemary was to ensure the grooms virility and the myrtle stood for long life. Bedouin wedding feasts feature roasted camel stuffed with sheep, chicken, fish and eggs. While in China is is a sign of appreciation for guests to take home wedding leftovers. If you are into camel, or perhaps envision a more traditional affair serving chicken, fish or beef, wedding caterers Stamford will be able to help you craft a menu for your palate within your budget.

When looking for a catering Cambridge company, it is important to ask for and call references. Past clients of a business will offer you their honest opinion of the service they received from the company. Many forums and websites also offer vendor reviews.

Once you decide to work with a specific catering Cambridge provider, decided on the budget and type of event you wish to have. Discuss your desire for cocktail hours, if there will be passed hor d’oeuvres and how dinner will be served. With brides choosing a wide variety of formality for weddings, there is no right or wrong way to cater a wedding. Professionals at catering Cambridge will help you make your big day the greatest.

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