Do You Have a Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Ice cream parlor supplies

There were so many choices, it was difficult to make a decision. From the adorable gelato spoons to the polka dotted dessert cups, the small downtown ice cream store was a hit. In fact, the only problem that anyone could come up with was the fact that it was difficult to make a choice. Your youngest daughter, in fact, never could decide on what kind of ice cream that she wanted, so in the end she settled on one of the tasty chocolate macaroons that caught her attention when she fist walked in the store. At first you were embarrassed, but the two girls working the counter at the locally owned Continue reading

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Coffee Gets Your Morning Going, Keeps Your Day Running, and Does More Than You Think

Coffee cup

We Americans certainly do love our coffee, and we are not alone. All around the world, people drink their coffee at many different times of day, whether that time is first thing in the morning when we are trying to get our day started or anytime throughout the day when we are at work meetings or having a meal. Coffee has become an almost, and many would say a definite, essential thing to have around.

People rely on their coffee. It has become a habit for many to not even really be able to begin functioning at full capacity without it. We have come to rely on it a great deal. Some are as addicted to where they get their coffee as they are to the cup of coffee itself. A certain coffee shop or a certain brand of coffee they buy in order to make a cup for themselves while they are at home.

In a recent study, 86% Continue reading

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Sustainable Food Packaging on the Rise

Printed shrink sleeves

One study found that 52 percent of people around the world make purchasing decisions based on environmental packaging decisions a company makes. Recent years have shown that consumers want to purchase from a company that cares about their environmental impact. Many businesses produce millions of prepackaged products each year. Therefore, minimizing waste elements of production is essential. In this post, you’ll learn more about current packaging efforts made to increase sustainability. It’s important to know how these changes face companies using pouch filling machines.

Younger Generations Leading the Charge for Sustainability

Research shows that packaging experts estimate each pound of plastic packaging that is created reduces food waste by 1.7 pounds. S Continue reading

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If You Don’t Know About Edible Flowers, You Don’t Know What You Are Missing

Herb tops mint delicata

The crystallized rose, the crystallized pansy, or any type of crystallized flowers or candied flowers might not be something you have ever heard of before. Sugar flowers are something quite palatable, but they are not something that you can buy down at the local convenient store. However, when you come across them in a specialty store or if you find someone who knows how to make them, they are a real treat.

When it comes to common garden flowers, there are over 100 different types that are edible and very palatable. In addition to the edible flowers like the crystallized rose and other crystallized varieties, one of the most popular types of edible pl Continue reading

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Organic Micro Greens and the Upscale Dining Experience

Edible crystallized rose petals

Over the past year, more Americans have been enjoying meals at fine-dining establishments. Upscale restaurants have experienced an increase in business of 3%, which translates as possibly millions more Americans dining together at quality restaurants.

When considering restaurant sales in the United States, upscale restaurants comprise 10% of the total sales within this industry. On average, the price of a meal at a fine-dining restaurant is $28.55. This will, of course, vary depending on the specific restaurant, where it is located, and the type of menu that they offer.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that higher-income households tend to purchase a larger percentage of food away from home. Households that earn $100,000.00 or more are responsible for spending 36% for fine-dini Continue reading

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