Sustainable Food Packaging on the Rise

Printed shrink sleeves

One study found that 52 percent of people around the world make purchasing decisions based on environmental packaging decisions a company makes. Recent years have shown that consumers want to purchase from a company that cares about their environmental impact. Many businesses produce millions of prepackaged products each year. Therefore, minimizing waste elements of production is essential. In this post, you’ll learn more about current packaging efforts made to increase sustainability. It’s important to know how these changes face companies using pouch filling machines.

Younger Generations Leading the Charge for Sustainability

Research shows that packaging experts estimate each pound of plastic packaging that is created reduces food waste by 1.7 pounds. S Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Your Bag of Chips

Thermoform packaging

Let’s face it, technology has made or modern American life easier and in many ways quite amazing. We have all probably heard the stories from our grandparents about walking to school in ten feet of snow, or having to wake up before the sun in order to get milk from a cow or from the stream, while in many ways these stories are tale tales used in order to emphasize how easy things are for us in the 21st century there is some truth to it.ore than ever, especially if you live in a big city, your barely have to leave your home, much less your couch in order to have every need delivered right to your home. With certain services this can happen in a matter of hours. If you were to ask a person born after 1995, they probably wouldn’t understand the premise behind ordering a product and having to wait a number of Continue reading

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