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3 Key Facilities Every Food Vending Festival Needs

3 Key Facilities Every Food Vending Festival Needs post thumbnail image

As the video below points out, food vending festivals are an exciting way to bring people together to celebrate the diverse culinary offerings every community has to share! Whether it’s a small-scale event or a large-scale extravaganza, there are three critical facilities that your food vending festival in Lexington, KY needs to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for all!

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Have you ever been to a restaurant with no chairs? Your customers need a place to sit! No one wants to eat a steak standing up! Be sure to provide ample seating areas for attendees to relax and enjoy their food. This can be in picnic tables, benches, or cozy lounge areas.


What goes in, inevitably, comes out. Every food vending festival needs adequate restroom facilities. A porta potty rental in Lexington, KY is a must-have for any local outdoor event, but ensuring enough to accommodate the number of attendees is absolutely crucial!


With so many people enjoying your authentic dishes, having enough trash and recycling receptacles is an absolute necessity to keep the festival grounds clean and tidy. Not only does this engender a more pleasant experience for attendees, but the event will also leave a smaller carbon footprint! It’s a win-win. So, don’t leave your customers embittered by the sight of litter!

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