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The Basics of Event Planning

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Event planning can be difficult if you don’t have the experience and resources of a professional event planning agency. There are guest lists, seating arrangements, entertainment bookings, and more. This video will explain how to get started with event planning.

The first thing event planners and clients need to do is communicate with each other on what the event will look like. Event planners listen to their clients and create a plan around their needs and goal. It’s a bad sign if an event planner is trying to enforce their will on the event.

That isn’t to say the event planner should have no input. Event planners need to figure out the audience of the event to best curate it. What are the demographics of the event? What brought them to the event (optional, mandatory, selective, etc.). They need to answer these questions so that they can figure out how to make their events fit their clients.

To be a good event planner you need to be careful and thoughtful. It’s not enough to have all of the connections to the right vendors and DJs (though that helps, too). For more information on event planning, check out the link above.

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