A Guide To Beer Growlers

Beer growlers have been around for a very long time, for as long as the late 1800s, in fact. A beer growler is a container that is used to take draft beer from one place to another without it going flat. If you have never heard of the term beer growler, keep reading to learn all there is to know about these beer containers.

The History Of The Beer Growler With Tap

Are you wondering where the term “growler” came from to name such a container for transporting draft beer from one place to another? Here is a quick history lesson for you. There are actually a few different reasons why it is called a beer growler. The term is a subject of debate among those who use this type of beer container.

The first reason comes from the late 1800s when kids would use a pail to take beer to their father’s workplace for them to drink during their lunch break and the growling sound the beer would make when the carbon would escape from the beer as it was being sloshed around by the children carrying. The second reason is how the children would take too long and their father’s stomach would be growling by the time they got there with their lunch and their beer. And, the final reason, is when either the bartender would make a growling sound as he was filling up the growler with tap because they had to put a pint of beer in there or the person they were giving the beer to in the growler with tap would make a growling sound because they wanted more than a pint of beer in their container.

Either way, the beer growlers were outlawed for a while because of the children having to carry them from the place they got the beer for their dads and then having to take the pail full of beer to their dad’s workplace. Activists were part of the reason why they were outlawed. However, they are used these days again but they have evolved since then.

Types Of Beer Growlers

There are a few different types of beer growlers. Knowing the difference between the different types will let you choose which one you should use.

Glass Beer Growlers

If you are searching for beer gifts for the beer lovers in your life, why not give them a nice glass beer growler with tap? The glass type of growler is the most popular and they come in both amber color and clear. However, it is not recommended to choose the clear or see through type of glass beer growler. The reason for this is because the beer can go bad if exposed to sunlight and is exposed to the UV rays of the sun. So, if you are going to choose a glass type of one of these beer containers, go with the amber colored one so your beer will last the length it is supposed to last, which with beer growlers, beer is supposed to stay good for at least two weeks. The good thing about using the glass one is that you can see inside of it when filling it up.

Stainless Steel Growlers

Although the glass one is the most popular type of growler, the stainless steel growler is also very popular. The reason is because they are easier to carry around and will not break if you drip them. If you are looking for custom growlers for beer gifts for your friends or family, this is the one.

Ceramic Beer Growlers

Although the first two are widely popular among the growler container, the ceramic one is a popular choice as well. However, this type is a bit expensive and can be a little bit heavier to carry around than the other two types.

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