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Refrigerated Trailers Part of a Quickly Growing Market

Reefer trailers provide a broad range of services up and down the street, along with food and drinks at various outdoor events. One of the most common refrigerator trailers that you ever see is the ice cream truck that makes its way up and down neighborhood streets every day of the summer.

What is a Reefer Unit

A reefer unit is the same thing as a refrigerated trailer or truck. In the U.S. during January 2018 alone there were about 40,000 refrigerated trailers ordered. Considering the 250% growth that had occurred since 2017, there is much to see in the reefer units wholesale market. Providing the refrigerated trailers at wholesale, as this will be a more common resale trend, may increase by another two billion dollars in the next few years.

Reefer Trailer Cost

With reefer units wholesale on the market, there is much to seek for the cost of the trailers themselves. With up to 500,000 reefer trailers currently open in the U.S., there is the ability for any entrepreneur to enter this market with the idea of facing the most extensive available market. Considering the potential that the reefer trailers are most likely needed on the top port locations of the country, then these may include Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York, Seattle, and Savannah, along with their surrounding cities.

Time to Buy Reefer Trailers

With two sides of the business, there is much to gain from the effect of reefer units wholesale on the market that would grow. There is the potential for the new reefer trailer and the sales it would make, along with those who would like to buy used reefer trailers. So many different reefer trailers would be beneficial for the various locations, while there may be some that are merely like the ice cream trucks providing the resale of treats in the fridge or freezer. Then there are others that act more like concession stands with a more extended menu. If you have the idea of what those working trailers in your area use them for, then there is a much better idea of what wholesale reefer units to place on the local market.

There is much to be said for the reefer units wholesale and their place on the global market. With the number of trailers that have made their way into the United States alone, there is much to know in the potential for further growth of this industry and sales of the refrigerated trailers. With a lot of promotion, it could likely grow even more so than predicted.

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