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How a Carrier Company Can Buy Reefer Trucks

Everyone knows that trucks are a major part of the carrier industry today in the United States and abroad. In fact, a lot of the American-Canadian trading done today is thanks to the work of trucks, and American and Canadian trucking companies are always hard at work delivering all kinds of cargo. Larger shipments of goods are delivered by train or sea vessel, but once such goods are unloaded from those larger vehicles, the time has come for trucks to take over. The trucking industries of the United States and Canada are enormous, and there are statistics out there to keep track of how many trucks are at work and how much cargo they’re driving around per year. But while some trucks are generalized, others are designed for more specific cargo, like a carrier reefer. What is a reefer trailer? It is any trailer or truck that has a refrigerated cargo bay for delivering cold-sensitive items such as groceries and wine bottles, making them popular for grocery stores and sometimes caterers. A carrier company always has the option to acquire some, and a manager can search “reefer units wholesale” to find nearby trucks for purchase. “Reefer units wholesale Los Angeles CA”, for example, may be searched for a specific location like that, or a carrier manager may search “reefer units wholesale lightly used condition.” Various keywords can be added to “reefer units wholesale” for finding a particular product.

The Refrigeration Industry Today

Refrigeration units on wheels are reefer trucks or trailers, and they’re a part of the bigger refrigeration industry overall. Just how big is it? As of 2015, a few years ago, the worldwide refrigerated market had a value close to $15 billion, and estimates say that by the year 2022, it could grow another $2 billion or so. A new reefer trailer or a slightly used reefer truck is also part of a big industry, and a lot of refrigeration done around the world is in these vehicles. In particular, the global refrigeration trailer market is expected to hit a massive value of just over $7 billion by the year 2022, and this industry is on track to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2016 to 2022. Today in the United States, there are plenty of these trucks driving cold goods around: nearly 500,000 of them are on American roads today, and that number may grow in the near future as the industry itself does. After all, the total number of refrigerated trailer orders grew an impressive 250% from January 2017 and January 2018, and this trend may continue well into the future.

Owning and Buying Reefer Units

“Reefer units wholesale” is a fine way for a carrier company manager to find such vehicles for his/her company, and a company that does not already have any may be restricted by the shippers that they can deliver for. An ordinary truck is no good for delivering wine or ice cream, for example, or the dairy products at a grocery store. A carrier company looking to expand into the market of grocery stores, wineries, and ice cream shops can invest in reefer units, and such trucks should be available as wholesale units nearby. Some of these trucks will be new, and thus the most expensive but also in the best condition, and their cooling units are bound to be powerful and energy-efficient, which can be highly appealing for a buyer. In other cases, though, a carrier company will invest in lightly used reefer trailers. In this case, they should go about buying a used reefer like they would an ordinary used car: inspect it in person. The buyer will look over the truck and give it a test drive, and put sample cargo in the back and make sure that the temperature in there is both correct and stable.

Where are these trucks going? Reefer units are great for delivering to grocery stores, since many items that aren’t dry goods in boxes are cold items such as frozen foods or dairy or even wine, and produce such as fruits and vegetables should be chilled somewhat during transport. Wineries and liquor stores might also make use of reefers, or ice cream shops.

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