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4 Of The Best Music Festivals Kentucky Has To Offer

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When you think of Kentucky, two very important things should come to mind: bourbon, and bluegrass. The state has very firmly established itself in both industries if the $8.5 billion in yearly bourbon profits and seemingly endless bluegrass music festivals are anything to go by. The popularity of both means that a good time is always to be had in the Bluegrass State; simply find some cozy cocktail bars or bourbon whiskey bars and enjoy all of the live music Lexington KY has to offer. If you prefer the energy of crowds, head over to one of these four main music festivals.

  • Summer Motion:andnbsp;This extremely fun, family-friendly event just celebrated its 30th anniversary! Located in Ashland, KY, Summer Motion hosts a Pickleball tournament, 5k and 10k races, a car and motorcycle show, as well as three days of themed musical entertainment. Family members of all ages can enjoy the experience this delightful summer festival brings to Kentucky.


  • River Rock Music Festival:andnbsp;This Christian festival picks up where the Ichthus Music Festival left off in 2015 — with righteous music celebrating God’s work. Although it is a traveling festival that only stops for a day or two, the live music Lexington KY experiences when they arrive is well worth the wait.


  • Boomslang: A Celebration of Sound and Art:andnbsp;Sponsored by the University of Kentucky’s college radio station, WRFL, this annual, multi-venue festival strives to “provide a platform for non-mainstream, non-commercial music and other programming not found elsewhere in the region”, and features a variety of artists from both the region and from around the world. The music isn’t to everyone’s taste as the genres tend to be experimental inherently, but it’s worth a trip if you’re looking to try something new.


  • Festival of the Bluegrass:andnbsp;The Lexington festival we’ve all been waiting for is actually one of the oldest bluegrass festivals in the bluegrass region of the state, making it historicalandnbsp;andandnbsp;entertaining. In fact, the festival helped shape the early bluegrass festival culture, so it is truly a gem in Kentucky’s crown.

Bourbon bars are always fun if you’re just looking for a night out on the town, but a truly authentic Kentucky experience can only come when you’re in a throng of your fellow countrymen, every one of you sweating in the southern heat and having a wonderful time dancing to the live music flowing from the stage.


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