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A Look At The Growth Of The Coffee Industry In the United States

From plain white paper cups to wooden stir sticks for coffee, there is a lot that the typical coffee shop, whether it’s an independent shop or even a chain shop, must stock. But all types of coffee shops, from those that use plain white paper cups to those that use ceramic cups or even small paper cups with lids, have become hugely and widely successful no matter where you might go in the United States – as well as in many places far beyond it as well. In fact, independent coffee shops alone, those that are not run through a chain coffee shop owner, have begun to generate as many as twelve billion dollars in sales just over the course of one single year in the United States alone, let alone in other places all around the world. Chain coffee shops have often proved to be hugely successful as well, and come sometimes even be found as frequently as on every corner, or so it seems. All in all, the retail value of the market for coffee in the United States has now risen to be worth more than forty eight billion dollars, nearly half of the way there to reaching one trillion dollars, an insane value of money for sure.

This can be directly tied to the fact that a huge portion of the adult population of the United States drinks coffee on a regular basis, with as much as thirty percent of typical adults having coffee or other such drinks that incorporate coffee regularly, if not even daily. On top of this, even more people will drink beverages such as coffee, coffee drinks, and tea on an occasional basis even if they do not drink them every single day. But for those who drink it regularly, they are likely to drink as many as three cups a day, though the average number of cups (typically around nine ounces) is just over one and a half. Because of this relatively high number of cups per day, coffee shops have thrived. It is, however, important for all coffee shops, be they independent ones or chain coffee shops, to have the right supplies as well as the right types of drinks on hand at all times. For instance, plain white paper cups are crucial, as plain white paper cups are ideal for the on the go customer. As many people will stop in for a cup of coffee before going in to work for the day or even while on their lunch break, plain white paper cups can be the ideal method of transporting coffee, particularly if you are someone who buys coffee in a hurry. It is also worthy to note that plain white paper cups are typically relatively inexpensive to buy, making them a great deal for the vast majority of all coffee shops in the United States.

On top of having the right supplies such as plain white paper cups, it is important to have the right types of coffee. Specialty coffee drinks, such as the latte, cappuccino, espresso, or iced coffee (or, more and more commonly, cold brew as an alternative to iced coffee) have grown in popularity in recent years, with as many as fifty percent of the entire coffee drinking population enjoying them. It is also important to have additional extras such as cream and sugar on hand, as only around thirty five percent of all coffee drinkers in the United States take their coffee black and without anything in it. The additional sixty five percent prefer varying levels of cream and sugar. These coffee add ons and typically offered as self serve, as different people prefer different amounts.

There is absolutely no doubt about it that coffee makes up a hugely important part of many of our lives. From the frequenting your local independent coffee shop to enjoying a nice cup of coffee that you have made at home, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy your coffee. And coffee can be enjoyed in many different ways and permutations, such as adding in cream or sugar.

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