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6 Ways to Market Your Frozen Dessert Establishment

Frozen desserts are a popular treat for a number of reasons, in fact Americans consumer ice cream more than 28 times per year, meaning the demand isn’t going anywhere. This can mean that opening a frozen dessert establishment can be extremely beneficial for those who do so, but only if the required work is put into it. There were more than 2,000 frozen yogurt stores by the end of 2013, which means if you’re willing to enter into the market you have to figure out a way to make yourself stand out from your competitors. Read below to get some tips to help a new establishment make a name for itself.

Free WiFi

If you provide free Wifi for your guests, they will tend to stay longer. This means they will typically order more from your establishment. Free WiFi not only draws customers, but it also entices them to sit and stay for a while. This means that they will frequently come back and with those return visits means more sales. Offering frozen treats in custom ice cream cups which keep the frozen dessert colder longer will also entice customers to purchase larger portion containers and stay longer.

Local Establishments

See what it would take for local establishments to recommend your frozen desserts establishment in return for you referring them. Local people know all about their community but tourists are usually at the mercy of the locals. This means if you are questioned about a good place to eat or sleep, you could offer a recommendation, as well as visa versa. This can work out perfectly for both establishments.

Drawing Contest

Host a drawing contest where all customers can get involved. Invite them to design the new cover for the upcoming design on frozen dessert containers. This can include frozen drinks and frozen novelties. June is the month that the most ice cream is produced, so plan to do it in the months before June so that the winner can be announced well before hand. Have customers choose a winner and feature their drawing on your frozen dessert containers for the month of June. This can encourage customers to come into your establishment before hand, but also encourage an influx of customers during June so they can see which design was deemed the winner.

BOGO Offers

During the early months of summer offer customers a special treat. Offer them a buy one get one free offer if they come in on a certain night to purchase a frozen dessert. This can introduce them to your business and get them interested. If your business offers a variety of frozen desserts, it can entice them enough to want to return to the establishment to try other different flavors. This can be especially helpful in the months when sales tend to dip off or drop.


Just as offering a BOGO offer can drive in customers, offering coupons to your customers can go a long way as well. Talk with your local newspaper or other local printing services to see about offering a coupon. This way those who may be new to the establishment will be enticed to try it and those who frequent the establishment may be more encouraged to bring a friend. This can go a long way with increasing sales withing your frozen dessert establishment.


Whether you choose a traditional marque or an electric one, this can be a great way to draw customers into your frozen dessert establishment. Mention sales on the marque, show your support for local sports teams, or even feature new frozen dessert flavors or types. This can draw customers in who have seen the establishment, but for one reason or another haven’t stopped to visit it yet.

Use these tips to enhance business and watch it take off. Remember success takes time and persistence. Give it time, try trial and error, but most importantly don’t give up. There’s nothing better than seeing your dream finally take flight.

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