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I Scream, You Scream, We all Know What We’re Screaming For!

Custom ice cream containers

One of the best treats that we could possibly indulge in that is a major benefit of living in the day and age that we do is those of the frozen variety. Sure, ice cream has been around for awhile. But before freezers, and when all our ancestors got from cows was milk and then maybe butter, they had no idea the glorious heaven they were missing out on. In the United States, about 90% of households will have a tasty sweet frozen treat regularly. And how can you not? With all of the different flavors, from vanilla (the most popular) to mint or strawberry or combinations that include nuts and marshmallows and even brownie pieces, ice cream is high on everyone’s list of favorites. But there are so many other wonderful frozen treats as well!

Grab some spoons and dip into your favorite sweet treat

For some, there is a clear winner. It doesn’t get any better than frozen yogurt cups, or fruity popsicles, or your favorite brand of candy bar that is now available in frozen-on-a-stick form. For others, there is absolutely no way to choose. It is all too good to have just one favorite. But most people can agree on one thing: a nice, delicious frozen treat is the perfect way to beat the summer heat, and many of us definitely don’t even need it to be hot out to go for our preferred frozen milk concoction. If it is freezing outside, just bundle up under a few blankets, wear mittens if you have to, and quickly follow up with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, but the incitement of the icy treat is too much to ignore just because it’s cold out.

From frozen yogurt cups to gelato and more
Some people could not care less about the differences between ice cream and its similar cousins. But for those curious souls, a quick peek into the world of making frozen treats could be the perfect quencher for your knowledge thirst, before your actual hunger for the treat takes over. Most of the differences between ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato have to do with the amount of sugar, milk fat, and air that is incorporated into each during the freezing and churning parts of the process. Ice cream will typically have over 50% air after being churned, while gelato and frozen yogurt will have about 25% to 30% air. Your favorite frozen yogurt cups typically have anywhere from .5% to 6% milk fat, while gelato has about 3% to 8% of it, and ice cream’s milk fat percentage usually falls somewhere between 10% and 16%. On the other hand, if sorbet is more your style, you would be looking at a frozen sweet treat based on fruit juices and as it lacks dairy, will often not have any fat at all.

Ice cream and its similar sweet treat relatives have only improved as technology and our imaginations have improved and advanced. Around 9% of all of the milk that is produced on dairy farms within the United States goes to producing ice cream. We love it, we will all scream for it, and it will continue to satisfy our collective sweet tooth for as long as the cows produce milk and we have freezers at our disposal.

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