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Italian food is so popular in the United States that it could almost pass as an American food at this point. But unlike other types of ethnic cuisine, Italian food seems to be one of the few that is immune to “Americanization.”

When it comes to the most popular ethnic foods, it seems that everything from Chinese, Mexican, Polish, Greek, and other recipes have been substantial American twists over the years. Yet, many Italian dishes retain the same ingredients that they contained when they first appeared in their homeland. This is not to say that all recipes for lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and gnocchi have remained uninfluenced by American tastes, but the tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic, cheeses, and cured meats that were used back in Rome and Tuscany remain essential ingredients today.

This means that whether you order from pizza places that deliver, upscale Italian food catering services, or other food places that deliver you have a reasonable idea what to expect of the Italian foods you order. While we all know that American pizza is not like the Italian version, the fact remains that American pizza places that deliver still use the same ingredients that the old country uses. Pizza joints in the U.S. just use a lot more of it.

When you order a pie from a late night pizza delivery place, you probably have all kinds of weird options for toppings. While these might be far from what you find on a pizza in Italy, the sauce, dough, cheese, and olive oil are almost always a part of the pizzas we order every Friday night. Thus, the root ingredients of old style pizza remains intact.

As mentioned above, Italian food is so popular in the United States that we pretty much take it for granted. But if you take the time to look at its history, it really is fascinating that those same yummy ingredients are still key parts of just about every pizza recipe – with the exception of disturbing breakfast pizzas, of course.
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